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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by rebeccawilsonx, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. rebeccawilsonx

    rebeccawilsonx New Member

    If anyone is interested I made a Facebook group for August 2014 applicants (I'm so keen for applications to open!) I thought it may be easier to communicate over there (until we find the official one) :) x
  2. HarryWilliam

    HarryWilliam New Member

    This content is currently unavailable
  3. AllyInOrlando

    AllyInOrlando New Member

    The link isn't working right now :/ Is it a secret group? x
  4. Jack!

    Jack! New Member

    Not working for myself either. Do we need to be friends on Facebook for it to work?
  5. rebeccawilsonx

    rebeccawilsonx New Member

    I've changed it to an open group - does it work now? :)
  6. HarryWilliam

    HarryWilliam New Member

    Yep it works now, sent a request :)
  7. Jack!

    Jack! New Member

    Works now, yeah! :)
  8. I have a question for you guys.
    I applied beginning of this month to work in the Canadian Pavilion but noticed they hired people in May. You mention August 2014 applicants, is this just for a certain country? Or will they be accepting more people then?
    Thanks! :)
  9. SRodgie

    SRodgie New Member

    August is when applications for the UK pavilion open, I'm not sure what happens with Canada though.. Sorry this wasn't much help! Haha
  10. sharpaylai

    sharpaylai New Member

    I think it would open for all of the country in Aug because I m from China and they ask me to send my CV and cover letter again during Aug

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