August 8th arrivals 2016 :)

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by Nathaniel Greef, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. Nathaniel Greef

    Nathaniel Greef New Member

    Hi All

    I have been accepted to participate and I'll being working at Animal Kingdom.

    Anyone arriving same date as me?

    Thanks, as I literally only know of one person.
  2. Annemie25

    Annemie25 New Member

    Hi Nathaniel,

    I also got accepted for 8 August and will also be working at Animal Kingdom!

    Hopefully we get more people who are arriving at the same time :)
  3. Lebo

    Lebo New Member

    I got the same arrival date and will be working at Animal Kindom as well.
    I'm happy to meet ya'll guys!
  4. Jennhdreaming

    Jennhdreaming New Member

    Hey, I have the same arrival date as well! I am working in the Canadian Pavillion in Epcot!
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  5. CaNick

    CaNick New Member

    Congrats! I arrive July 18th, but am also in the Canadian Pavilion. Look forward to meeting you.
  6. Jennhdreaming

    Jennhdreaming New Member

    Thanks! I am looking forward to meeting you as well and working with you!!

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