Australia and Others - July 2011 :D

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by 0n3thousandwords, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Keri_07

    Keri_07 New Member

    Haha awesome. I'm following yours too :)
  2. MitchellC

    MitchellC New Member

    Awesome, thanks for that update Keri :D!
    I'm also following your blog, and will be adding it to our list :D!
  3. Keri_07

    Keri_07 New Member would be kind of amazing if we could request a housing complex.
  4. 0n3thousandwords

    0n3thousandwords New Member


    it would be awesome.

    touch wood we can!
  5. lu1gi

    lu1gi New Member

    haha which one would u choose???!!
  6. Keri_07

    Keri_07 New Member

    I think Chatham seems to be ok, newer than Vista and cheaper than Patterson...but Patterson is so new and shiny lol. I'd prob say:


    How about you?
  7. lu1gi

    lu1gi New Member

    im fairly sure that our options are pretty much only vista and chatham... i think i read somewhere that the other 2 are always taken up by american summer/college ppl.. while the other is the cultural reps. but not 100% sure of that!
  8. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    I want patterson! haha

    Lol I read the complete opposite, that vista is full of UK people, and patterson is where they chuck all the aussies (so i assume kiwis fit in with them too)

    I def dont want vista. it sounds old and dirty and crappy haha, so if its between vista and chatham, i choose chatham :)
  9. Keri_07

    Keri_07 New Member

    I guess we'll find out then the Jan people update their blogs lol
  10. McSweeney89

    McSweeney89 New Member

    Just found out from STB our welcome packs will arrive in mid-march. Then we can start sussing out our visa's etc.
  11. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Yeah end of march/april
    Ages away.. lol
  12. Keri_07

    Keri_07 New Member

    I'm hoping for mid March :p Even though I can't book my appointment until May because of stupid prac lol it would still be nice to have it.

    Do you guys know any January people with blogs? :)
  13. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Me too! I just want to get my visa asap!

    Noo, just Jillian's videos on youtube. Loren from the jan group has some awesome photos on her facebook if you're friends with her!
  14. MitchellC

    MitchellC New Member

    So how is everyone saving going now that we're past the Christmas / New Year period :)?
    Getting excited? It's just over 5 months away :D!
  15. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Saving is okkaaayy, could always be better! But I think I have enough to buy insurance and my visa and my pre-disney package at Universal :D
    Plus I have to pay for my Contiki trips too.. soo I definitely need to save heaps more. The more spare money I can take with me the better! :p

    How are you going?
  16. MitchellC

    MitchellC New Member

    Haha, glad to hear it :D!
    Sounds like you're definitely on your way! You'll have no trouble saving the extra :)!
    My saving is going horribly at the moment, but that's cause I've had tons of bills to pay. Hopefully now that my bill period is out of the way I can start some real saving :D!
    But I still have to get insurance / a video camera / some new lenses for my DSLR, lol.. I spend wayyy to much money :p
  17. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Haha nice.

    Oh I was going to ask your advice Mitchell, since you seem pretty tech-savvy.. do you know if laptops will run on American voltage? Like, I've brought the american plug thing but I don't know if I need to buy a voltage converter too seeing as the adapter doesn't convert voltage.. any idea?
  18. MitchellC

    MitchellC New Member

    Haha, I would consider my self pretty tech-savvy too :p.. (Yay for my IT Degree :p)
    Yes, your laptop will work just fine. That annoying brick (aka power converter) that you have to carry around with you is dual voltage, meaning it will automatically detect American power and adjust itself accordingly. So all you need is the adapter :)

    That's pretty much the same for all electronic devices. As long as the device has a power brick and says something similar to:

    INPUT: 100-240V~ 1/5A 50-60Hz

    Then they're all good. You're phone charger / iPod charger, etc will be all good too :). If you're not sure about plugging something in when you get over there, just ask me and I will check it for you :)
  19. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Yay thanks so much! :D

    Hooray for tech-savvy friends! lol
  20. Keri_07

    Keri_07 New Member

    Hey Mitchell! I have a question about laptops in America too :D You know how certain websites only let you play videos if you are from the US? Well will they recognise that we are in the US even if we have a laptop from Australia? lol I'm not really sure how it works. Also will dvds from America work in our laptops because of the different regions?

    Thaaankss :)

    Oh and my saving is going horribly lol I've used what I had on flights and pre disney activities. Thank goodness mum is paying for my insurance ;D

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