Australia/New Zealand Applicants for August 2014?

Discussion in 'ICP Applicants Discussion' started by cathyb93, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. booshas

    booshas Guest

    Hey guys!!

    My name is Alice and I'm applying for AUS/NZ Disney program for August 2014.

    Got the presentation and interview on 21st September.

    Cannot wait!!!!

    I'm from Auckland NZ.

    What are you guys most excited about, if you get through?
  2. cathyb93

    cathyb93 New Member

    My interview is this Friday :)

    Welcome booshas!

    Hmmm. I'm beyond excited about working at Disney World, and being a part of something I love so much (so cliché, but true!)
  3. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Welcome to the group Alice!

    Good luck at your interviews! Mine is on the 18th!

    I'm lucky enough to have been to Disney World before and it really is my favourite place in the world and I want to be apart of it!
  4. booshas

    booshas Guest

    Good luck for your interviews!!!!!

    @kelz025 have you worked there or visited as a guest? if you worked there, which roles did you do?
    I really don't know which ones to pick but I like the sound of recreation or operations!

    EEKKKK I honestly am getting soo excited about it!!

    Less than a year until we would be arriving!
  5. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    I've only been there as a guest.

    Yeh I'm unsure which role I would prefer the most, there's a few!
  6. cathyb93

    cathyb93 New Member

    Eeeeeep! It's tomorrow! I'm so excited but a little bit nervous!
  7. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Good luck!!!
  8. booshas

    booshas Guest

    Good luck!!!!!!

    Let us know how it goes!! :D
  9. Rachotron

    Rachotron New Member

    Ooohhhhh Good Luck! :D
  10. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    Hi everybody. I'm Kate and I'm from Australia.
    I had my interview on Wednesday! :)
  11. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Welcome Kate! How did your interview go?!

    I have a few questions!

    Was it a one on one interview?
    What sort of questions did they ask?
    Was it a long interview?
  12. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    I think it went OK - I felt like I did ramble a bit though! I really want a character attendant position and I'm rather worried now that I didn't focus enough on how much I wanted it as we did talk about my experience in retail a lot.

    First of all they did the presentation which went for about an hour and a half - they do ask questions and give away little luggage tags as well if you get a question right! Very simple questions though like, "what are the four different parks?" and things like that!

    After the presentation they do the interviews. They are one on one and the ladies make it very easy for you to feel comfortable. It went for about 10 minutes I would say. They just ask what you're studying, what you want to do when you graduate and how you feel that Disney would help with that and what you would hope to come away with after the program. Then they look at the different jobs that you put down you were interested in and went over a few of them and what qualities you think you'd need for those positions and things like that. And then you had time to ask some questions. :)
  13. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    That's good it went alright!

    I'm the same, I'd like character attendant and also have a lot of retail experience so would probably get merchandise if I got in.

    Did they say when you'd find out?

    So they didnt ask any questions like what makes good customer service Or what would you do if type questions?
  14. cathyb93

    cathyb93 New Member

    Hello Kate!

    So mine was today. Kate already said a lot of things I was going to say! My interview was quick, felt a bit rapid fire, since they were running late due to technical difficulties. I hope it wasn't just because I had no chance or something :( But Kate yours being 10 minutes-ish makes me feel better heh. The presentation was fun, not much I didn't already know, and the interview was nice, just brief. Lots of questions, job experience, which roles/why, how would you ensure safety of guests, study details and such.
  15. Kelz025

    Kelz025 New Member

    Sounds good!

    How many people would you say were at each of your presentations?
  16. cathyb93

    cathyb93 New Member

    Like 15/20 at mine I reckon!
  17. Kate1993

    Kate1993 New Member

    cathyb93 - they had a few tech difficulties at mine too! I think because they are learning the new program!

    I would say no more than 10 at mine - it was quite a small group! And there were only 3 of us who were actually from the uni I go to - everyone else was from other places!
  18. cathyb93

    cathyb93 New Member

    Hopefully they get used to it soon, they felt so bad about keeping us waiting haha it must be so frustrating.

    I only spoke to a few people, but I don't think anyone from my uni was there - there were a few from the school the interviews were held at, William Blue, as it's a big thing there. Admin staff at my uni hadn't even heard of the program!
  19. booshas

    booshas Guest

    Hey guys!

    Sounds like the interviews went well, apart from the tech difficulties lol.
    Did they say when you would hear back?
    Were there mainly girls there or a mix of guys and girls?
  20. cathyb93

    cathyb93 New Member

    Mid October ish.
    Mostly girls at mine, I think there were like 2 guys haha.

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