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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by disney_bloody_nut, Sep 24, 2004.

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    cannot open it. can you please put the article into here or send it to me per e-mail?

    thanks! :eek:
  3. disney_bloody_nut

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    Epcot, one of the four parks at Walt Disney World, Orlando is to close. The final swing of the gates is set for 21st March 2005.
    Walt Disney had the dream for EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow) back in the early 1960's, but died before it was built. The park was opened on the 24th October 1982.

    Low visitor numbers and specific legal arguments have forced the park to close, making way for, what Disney claim to be a "magnificent new project".

    Michael Eisner, the Walt Disney Company CEO said the decision to close was "regrettable but forced".

    "Although the park has entertained millions of guests for over 20 years, specific legal requirements mean we must close. However, a new development is underway," he said.

    Staff who work within the parks will be paid out in a 'very generous' lump sum, or given the option to transfer to other Disney sites.

    Walt's Dream

    Walt Disney originally designed EPCOT as the perfect livable city, with people living and working within the site. However, the park turned out to be a pure theme attraction park, placed on Walt's intended site.

    The park consists of 'Future world' and 'World Showcase', where 11 of the worlds countries are recreated in great detail, and staffed by natives of the country.

    The park was opened in 1982 by E. Cardon Walker, the Disney Productions CEO at the time.

    Disney plan to unveil their plans for the use of the current EPCOT site later this year.

    "It's just a dream away", Eisner claims.
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    Where did you find this?
  5. ellen101

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    Sounds like crap to me!!
  6. emma

    emma New Member

    what does evry1 think?? it cant be true
  7. emma

    emma New Member

    someone email jason! lol
  8. !Dave!

    !Dave! New Member

    Bullshit ain't even true about 1982!!!

    WHoever wrote this is full of crap
  9. emma

    emma New Member

    theres no other documentation of this NEWEr!!!! on the web. is sum1 bitter about gettin rejected?
  10. DigitalPhear

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    ...that is total BS.
  11. Rudy

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  12. Ze Perfect Strange

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    Disney doesnt have enough money to help finish a real disnye studio in paris, or to improve any ride in the U.S so imagine closing one park, and all the income of this parc is bonus coz they dont have anything to pay now....other than staff and maintenance......and eisner is such a *"#$¨¨é~ that i dont think he will put any money in building another parc...way too poor anyway, remember they were about to sell it a year ago???
    well i might be wrong but i really think this is bull****
    oh by the way space mountain in disneyland paris is beeing changed to space mountain 2 opening next summer!!!! oh and if you wanna experience the first one hurry up as it s gonna close beggining of next year!
    ZPS :p
  13. Rudy

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    me again,

    i've just found a really interesting disney website and there's no mention of it on there.

    it seems to be run by wdw cast members...

    i think "the bad news" was posted as a reaction seeker! ;D
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    It sounds like a load of nonsense to me. They're renovating/ changing rides, still recruiting from the sounds of it. They don't decide to shut a park just like that- they'd have wound things down a bit first.
    Btw- if anyone is wondering- I removed the thread from the applicants faq. The vast majority of people check both threads, and there is no point in having it twice.
    Charlotte x
  15. robb2020

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    Hey Gals and Guys.

    As most of u say I think this article is BS.
    If they are closing the park, why are they still hiring poeple, and making worldwide interviews to recruit.
    How come they can close the park the 21st of March, when I am going the 15th.

    Hey I dont believe, and if they are really closing the park. they should have told us something.
    It is not a decision they take from one day to the other.

    Dont Worry

    See ya

    JOSSYPOO New Member

    i agree this is crap!!!!!!
    they wouldnt be sending us down if this were true...
    i think someone wants to see some reactions to this...

  17. Gundu81

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    don't worry, guys, EPCOT isn't doing that bad, on new year's eve last year we had the highest number of visitors ever.....I guess someone was just bored ;)

    Bye Gundu
  18. DisneyMichelle

    DisneyMichelle Active Member

    What utter rubbish!!!

    Am glad nobody was taken in by this!!!! We're all still gonna be seeing each other there - dont worry!!!!

    Michelle xx
  19. eeyore22

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    Wow, what a shock to the system when I first read that, and i actually believed it for a short while, but honestly, really thinking about it, how can that be true? As some of you have said, they're currently building new rides in Epcot and still doing interviews. Don't you also find it a bit suspicious that the person who posted that hasn't posted since ???.
    Smells fishy to me :mad:
  20. Grouchy87

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    hey guys,

    just to add my bit! i believed it at first but as you all said, nothing else on net about it. I work for Disney Store UK and we regularly get news about the parks in the states and we haven't been told anything about it, not to my knowledge anyway. I'll ask about at work though and see if they know anything!


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