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    Hello everyone!

    I am wondering what everyone has done for banking when down in florida? Do you use the account disney gives you or open up a new one? If you opened your own account down there what company did you use?

    Thank you for your help!

  2. Alex88

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    Re: Banking

    You can use Disney's Partners FCU checking which is free with direct deposit, or get a checking account at Suntrust, which requires min $500 monthly balance or direct deposit your disney salary.

    I have had both, and as a CP I'd simply go with Partners.
  3. FmH

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    You could also look into different banks and see if any of them have partnerships with a bank in your home country.
    For example, Bank of America has a partnership of some kind with Deutsche Bank witch made it possible for me to withdraw money for free once I got back to Germany. The account was free with a minimum deposit I think, and after I left I could switch it to a different kind of account where I couldn't use their counters (that are all in the US anyways ;) ). But that was free with no other conditions.
    So I guess it all depends on where you're from and what you want to be able to do with your account :)

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