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  1. lchong

    lchong New Member

    Of the four accomodation options available, which one have you heard is the best or which one will you choose (given the option)

    a) Chantham Square
    b) The Commons
    c) Patterson Court
    d) Vista Way

    Looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions!
  2. Kevus

    Kevus New Member

    Vista, never lived anywhere else... While I was there I lived so close to the buses and pools it was easy to catch up with people at the end of the day or beginning of it. I will however say that my fellow cast member friends were scattered across the Chatham, so it was hard to spend time together after work.
  3. Shiftia

    Shiftia New Member

    I lived at Patterson and my apartment had problems. So next year I'm just going to live at Chatham! No walking to the bus stop... heaven!
  4. vickiw001

    vickiw001 Member

    Patterson doesn't have a bus stop but has nice apartments and is literally round the corner from the bus stop, Vista has everything but is quite old and can be noisy depending on your neighbours, The Commons is again really nice apartments and although they do have a bus stop not every bus goes there so some people I know had to catch the bus to either Vista or Chatham to get the bus to work. I lived in Chatham and really liked it, the apartments were great and I didn't feel like we were any less sociable than Vista.

    The other thing to consider is that Chatham, the Commons and Patterson are all within walking distance of one another and the premium outlets whereas Vista is on its own but has Wendy's, Walgreens and a few other places near by. For food shopping I walked to Publix from Chatham so wouldn't say that the Walgreens at Vista was a huge advantage. In the end they are all very similar apartments and I know people who lived in all of them and enjoyed it.

    Hope this helps your decision!
  5. miaceline

    miaceline New Member

    Chatham, Patterson and Commons now have a lot of apartments with bunkbeds. So if you don't want to share a bedroom with two other people I recomend choosing Vista to be sure. Even of you ask not to live in a bunkbed room, you might be moved into one later on during your program.
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  6. Do they really put the bunk beds in every Apartment? As per the recruiters they will be only in some of the Apartments..
  7. Jenna88

    Jenna88 Member

    They don't put them in every apartment. They are only being added to one and two bed apartments so if you get a 3 bed you're fine.
    I'd personally recommend commons just for the handiness of having a washer and dryer in your apartment. A lot of my friends do laundry on their day off whereas if you're in commons you can put your washing on whilst you're at work and forget about itc

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