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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by elusivemoose, May 29, 2007.

  1. elusivemoose

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    OK, I've made a thread about this before but I actually have to start doing something about it now! When my parents visit me it'll be their 25th anniversary and one of the ideas my sister and I had was to get them a hotel for the night (they're staying in a villa the rest of the time)... I've tried the Savannah view at the Animal Kingdom lodge and that seems to be all booked up for basically the whole of August, so... anyone else got any other ideas? (Preferably between £100-£150?)

    Also, if we wanted to make them dinner reservations at the California Grille so they'd be on the terrace/ in prime 'Wishes' viewing position would I be OK to do that when I get there (I'll be there about six weeks before they come) or do I need to do it more in advance than that?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. lululemon

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    well I don't know about price...but my parents went on the Disney cruise and to the Grand floridian for thier 25th....but I am sure it cost ALOT! they got a room with french doors that opened up right onto the lagoon, and they could watch wishes (or whatever it was at the time) from bed....from the pictures it looked fantastic!!!
    but we have also stayed at the AK lodge, and that could be very romantic as well, but I beleive that the AK lodge and the GF are along the same price levels...
    Also, if you are booking for them, DEFINITELY let Disney know about the anniversary....they will provide your parents with champagne, strawberries etc I think spa services if I remember correctly....and because it is thier 25th, it might be something extra....and this is all included in the resort price!
    Good luck!!
  3. Jorden

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    And you may want to get booking that table soon. I know some restaurants can book up 3 months in advance.

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