BST Board Rules: Please Read BEFORE Buying, Selling or Trading!

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    The Trading Post is intended for individuals to buy, sell, and trade between one another. cannot guarantee the legitimacy of the buyer, seller, trader, or the items being exchanged. does not take responsibility of any sort for any transactions that takes place between individuals.

    This board is also the place for shopping discussion. This can include where to shop in Orlando, where to find certain items, how to get to certain stores, etc.


    1. You MUST post a price for ALL For Sale (FS) and For Sale/For Trade (FS/FT) topics.
    2. You cannot charge taxes for your items. Honour your prices.
    3. No auction style posts will be allowed. The posting of eBay links by themselves is prohibited. eBay links are allowed if the poster is willing to sell the item(s) to forum members at a specified, POSTED price.
    4. 'Thread crapping' will not be tolerated. If you do not intend to buy and have nothing positive to add, please refrain from posting in that topic. If you think the asking price is too high, or want to make an offer significantly lower than the posted price, please contact the seller via email or private message (PM).
    5. You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession.
    7. No alcohol, tobacco, illegal item or weapon sales.
    8. Services are not allowed in the Buy, Sell, and Trading Post. We have had numerous problems with people offering services and believe this is in the best interest of our users.

    Trading Guidance:

    1. Leave your contact information whether that be your e-mail address, MSN, ICQ, Skype, etc. You must be able to contact one another to be able to buy, sell, or trade. Before you complete a deal, it is recommended that you obtain each other's phone number and ensure that it works.
    2. Use common sense. If the deal seems too good to be true then take extra precaution.
    3. Clarity is key. Links to a product's website are often helpful. Be honest when describing the condition of used parts. Make sure there is a mutual understanding of what is being paid for and what is expected and get it in writing where possible. Agree on any terms of sale before the transaction takes place. (ie: damage responsibility, excess charges, guarantees, and payment options). It is a good idea to include your location in your post.
    4. Keep in touch when making transactions. Let the buyer know when money has arrived, items have been shipped, and if you're having any difficulties. In case of deals gone bad, keep a record of your discussion.
    5. Honesty is the best policy. If you promised to sell at a set price don't change it after someone has met that price.
    6. Attempt to resolve any issues in private. If the issue cannot be resolved after a reasonable amount of time send us an e-mail to or send the Moderators a private message. Post a message to warn others if necessary, however keep it respectful.
    7. Make proper packaging and shipping a priority. Tracking and insurance on a shipment is obviously preferred. Make sure an item is sufficiently padded on all sides.
    9. Make sure you know what you are purchasing. Attempt to get all the relevant information such as conditions/usage, what's included, refund possibility etc. Sometimes in the haste of getting in on a good deal, you may end up with something you didn't quite anticipate.


    1. Trading takes two - it's the responsibility of BOTH parties to ensure a smooth transaction. For sellers, follow up on the trade. For buyers, make sure that you're comfortable with the sale. Both of you should have some sort of feedback venue, like Heatware or eBay. Nothing is foolproof, but it's something.
    2. Clear communication - Ask questions, keep records, and above all, be specific. This applies to both seller and buyer. DON'T ASSUME
    3. Calm communication - When you're hot and toasty mad, don't go sending that message in a hurry. Take a deep breath, heck, take ten. Think about it and try to avoid rash statements. This hinders any kind of mediation process.

    Buyer beware and happy buying, selling, and trading!

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