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  1. missalice

    missalice New Member

    Nutmeg - Haha that would have been cool! There were about 10 of my classmates who went down to Disney last semester for the J-1 Exchange, you could have done that with us! :p Yeah, I hope so too!

    DisneySparkles - Nice to meet you too! :D

    So I'm working on creating this group on FB for all the Canadian applicants, and in order to make the group, you have to invite friends. I don't have anyone on FB right now who's applying to the CRP, so I'm offering up my FB to everyone who wants it so we can make this group! :D Whenever I make it, I'll post the link here! Also, you can find me on FB by searching taylorashleyy :D

    EDIT: HEY GUYS. I've made the FB group!

    Ask to join and invite others you might know are applying for the program!
  2. DisneySparkles

    DisneySparkles New Member

    Officially sent in my application! :D
  3. Carey

    Carey New Member

    Good luck to everyone applying this year! You are in for the ride of your lives- most of which is a lot of waiting.
    I applied November 2012 and was just offered a role in Merchandise at the end of August to start in April of 2014, so hopefully I will see you all in Orlando in 2014!
  4. disneypeach

    disneypeach New Member

    Wow Carey that is a lot of waiting! the OL scares me a little to be quite honest, I know that's all part of applying but still! :-X
  5. DisneySparkles

    DisneySparkles New Member

    Oh wow. Well, I'm glad you got it, enjoy your time down there, and hopefully we'll all be able to work with you! :)
  6. Carey

    Carey New Member

    The Opportunity List isn't really scary, it's just annoying not knowing whether or not you get to go or not. It makes it difficult to plan your life. There is a very GREAT chance that you will be listed, most people are. Only a handful get dates right away after the F2F interviews, and a handful are told no right away, the rest are put on the list. The deadline was September 15 for me (today), and I was offered my start date on August 29, so I had pretty well given up all hope that I would get to go. Don't give up hope if you are put on the list, anything can happen. :)

    I do have a blog dedicated to my application experience. Feel free to check it out for a list of questions you may be asked in the phone interview and more.
  7. disney_hopper

    disney_hopper New Member

    Hey everyone! Just came across this thread and thought I would say hey! I have my skype interview with Yummy a week from today at 6:30 in the morning... it should be interesting (Brain, please work!) I did the CRP in 2007 and had the best experience of my life, so I am hoping to repeat it to some extent and really give my all. Fingers crossed that I will be down there in FL with some of you amazing peeps REALLY soon! :D

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