Canada DEC 7 Th.

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by ricky, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. ricky

    ricky New Member

    Hey guys

    it's ricky i wanted to get some pictures posted on here so i know who i am always talking to AND who to look for when we get there ! we might pass each other in the airport and not even know


    P . S i would have added my picture but i am not to sure how ...... ???

    some one let me know

    see ya
  2. HiddenMickeyLover

    HiddenMickeyLover New Member

    Hey Ricky
    I don't know how to upload my picture but why don't you just try to put your picture on your's much easier!
    ;D emily
  3. ricky

    ricky New Member

    ha ha ,

    i just put my picture on ... this is when i got in a fight like 3 weeks ago i have a sharp scar on my eye now

    see you soon


    JOSSYPOO New Member

    hey guys??
    how long did it take to find out about your leaving date?
    thanks jossy
  5. Ashie

    Ashie New Member

    Hey Ricky,

    So where about's from Canada are you from?

  6. Winnipeg gal

    Winnipeg gal New Member

    Yes Ricky, it'll be so easy to recognize you now, just make sure you get socked in the eye the weekend before we leave :p You could probably get one by leaving some girl in your car for three hours ;)

    Jossy - I was at the interviews in Toronto with Ricky & Emily in March. It took over 2 weeks before I got my reply card in the mail, and then about another month before I got a call from Eric. Mind you, I think everyone who applied for F&B got a call about 2 weeks after the interview, it was a lot worse for merch/attractions.

    Emily - I finally got my package today too!!!!
  7. ricky

    ricky New Member

    hey guys, it's ricky.

    looks like i will be driving down to Florida because i bought this car in april and no one "apparently" wants to buy a sports car befor the winter GO FIGURE!

    so it will be a drive to the sunshine state. some one should come with if you are looking for a ride let me know.

    ASHIE- i live in Penetang Ontario about 3o mins form barrie. and 1.30 hours from toronto ( well at the speed i drive)

    and christa! no more comments about me leaving my ex-g/f in the car for 3 hours ....i opened a window, it wasn't that bad!

    see you guys and let me know what you think

  8. Winnipeg gal

    Winnipeg gal New Member

    lol. Still makes me laugh 8 months later Ricky.

    Ashie - when are you coming down to Florida?
  9. HiddenMickeyLover

    HiddenMickeyLover New Member

    Hey Kids,

    I finally got my package! It's nice to have some offical paperwork!

    Um, Ricky, could you elaborate on the story of keeping your ex girlfriend locked in a car for three hours??? ???

    I'm glad that you're gonna have a car b/c I don't want to be the only poor Canadian sucker driving everyone around! ;)

    Only 30 days kids!

    Lots of love, hugs and pixie dust!
    Emily :)
  10. ricky

    ricky New Member

    Well Now.

    the story of the ex girlfriend in the car is simple.

    we had the final disney interview in toronto and my girlfriend slept over the night before. she decided that she wanted to come with me to the interview.

    so........ when we got there i told her that she wasn't allowed to come in i will be back in a bit.

    so she was like " what should i do???" so i told her just to wait in the car.

    little did i know that the interviews and presentation were 3and a half hours!!!

    but i don't reall see what i did wrong .... I LEFT THE WINDOW OPEN A CRACK ;)

    see you guys soon .

    and emily if we leave the same time, maybe we can meet for lunch o the way or something.


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