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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by brynna87, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    Who else is Canadian and going just for the summer?
  2. disneyrobin

    disneyrobin New Member


    June 5th Entertainment

  3. bright*eyes

    bright*eyes Guest

  4. Mom of an Applicant

    Mom of an Applicant New Member

    My daughter Shayna is leaving May 14th for the summer! I'm going to get her to touch base with you guys...anyone flying out the same day?
  5. Tom19

    Tom19 New Member

    June 11

    Victoria, BC
  6. ShanaBanana

    ShanaBanana New Member

    You can count on me being there!

    Leaving May 14 out of Toronto for some operations fun fun fun! WOO HOO! I can't wait!
  7. Katie_M

    Katie_M New Member

    I'm leaving may 14th too. Most likely out of Toronto.
  8. MollyErin

    MollyErin New Member

    My friend Carly and I leave May 14th as well, out of Winnipeg. We will be arriving into Florida at around 2:30 pm I believe. Can't wait to meet you all there! :)
  9. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    when do all your may 14er's leave Orlando at the end of the summer?
  10. lisab

    lisab New Member

    im a "may 14er" as you called it :) from new finished aug 25th
  11. carly-anne

    carly-anne Guest

    me and molly both finish on the 25th of august too... any icpers wanna add me to msn my email is i'm sure you're all just as excited as i am to head out there and i'm beginning to think i talk about florida to all of my friends a liiiiittle too much lol
  12. DSNA2004

    DSNA2004 New Member

    Im so excited too....I know I even have my friends using proper Disney Terminology like "cast member, onstage, costume"
  13. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    I promise that will go on for the rest of your life :p
  14. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Yup.. I'm quite often told to shut up.
  15. Canadian_Sara

    Canadian_Sara New Member

    Im going may 14th on the alumni program! I did the ICP last summer

    cant wait to get there!

  16. Tom19

    Tom19 New Member

    How does the alumni program work? See you when I get there in June!
  17. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    May 14th is a great day!
    Heading down for QS F&B.
    From Edmonton, but heading out from Montreal or Toronto.
    See y'all soon!
  18. DisneyTracy

    DisneyTracy New Member


    How did you guys get Operations?? They said that it was only food and beverage??


    are you doing the summer alumni program or the collage program?
  19. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    I thought only Americans got to do the alumni program? If Canadians do then I'm totally applying after this summer.

    To DisneyTracy, when I was phone interviewed I was told we could only apply for Food/Bev (quickservice), Merchandise or Janitorial but then when we were at the actual interviews operations was a choice. I chose it as my second (although I decided later I wanted it as my first) but I got it anyways.
  20. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    The CP Summer Alumni program is only for Americans. There's a new international alumni program that's been launched this year.

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