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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by Kaytee, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. Kaytee

    Kaytee New Member

    Is is possible for a Canadian to apply to be in the WDWCP via UCF, etc? I originally wanted to go to UCF while I was living in Florida during my Hospitality Management program in College (that I was taking in Ontario, Canada) but tuition was going to be over $30,000 per year because I was an International student. If this is an option though and it's something I could do, could someone please provide me with any information possible. I was pretty confused as to what I found on their website because it didn't answer a lot of my questions that I had such as:

    1) Can Canadians participate in this program (it says with an unrestricted visa, but what is the definition of that?)
    2) How much does it cost if anything, since you're technically going to school AND working for Disney
    3) General information, I wasn't able to find a lot.

  2. MegD

    MegD New Member

    There is a program that you can do that with...but I don't think it's available to Canadians :(
    I wish it was (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong!).
    I guess if you were able to do it, it would cost your transportation down, tuition at UCF and rent/food/etc. There were a bunch of people on the academic program last year that took a couple of classes there but I haven't heard of anyone from Canada doing it.

    My university has a partnership with UCF to pay in-state tuition fees. Maybe you could see if your uni does? That would save you some money. I looked in to it and it was still ridiculous compared to what I pay here.
  3. tinkithink

    tinkithink New Member

    in ontario, there are a few universities in michigan where you can get scholarships to pay in state tuition. the scholarship pays the different.
    Central Michigan is one, and it's attatched to the WDW program.
  4. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    No Canadians have done it, but that doesn't mean u can't. It's the 6 month program ur referring to? I've asked and they've said I should be able to do it once I've graduated. We'll see if that actually happens or not though.

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