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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by CanadianCole, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. CanadianCole

    CanadianCole New Member

    Decided to start a new thread since the old one was getting long. This is for Canadian CRP hopefuls looking to go to the Spring 2012 interviews in either Toronto or Vancouver.

    Here's my timeline so far!:
    July 16 - Applied
    July 27 - Email: passed application stage
    Oct 10 - Email: pick phone interview date
    October 18 - Phone Interview
  2. mywonderland

    mywonderland New Member

    I definitely do not like playing the whole waiting game thing, that's for sure! But, in the meantime, this group will help pass the time! I'd love to know when the dates are though for Spring interviews (fingers crossed) .. very anxious & excited!! And if I am correct, one month today until the applications close for the Spring round of recruitment. Hopefully we'll be hearing things shortly.
  3. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    Yea a new thread! Makes things a little easier... Nicole you have been waiting a long time eh! One week and im full of nervous excitement. I guess if they are just getting back to people who applied in October, I will be waiting awhile to hear anything.

  4. springgurl

    springgurl New Member

    Hey! I applied just about a week ago.. I first applied for the ICP but then changed my mind and asked Kristen if she could switch my application for the CRP. Soooo I have to do another phone interview which kinda sucks haha but I'll do anything to work there for a year!!
    I did the ICP last summer and it honestly was the best 3 months of my life!!
  5. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    My timeline:

    Applied: November 5th
    Phone Interview: Pending
    My patience: :-\ ...hanging on by a thread!

  6. CanadianCole

    CanadianCole New Member

    I think the interviews are some time in March. I hope its early March because I'll be on my internship (which I need to graduate college) late in the month and it won't impress the employers if I have to take a day off to go interview with Disney!
    I think I've been waiting about 4 weeks now (not including the waiting since July) so I'm kind of hoping they email me soon!
    Fingers crossed everybody! We're all in this together!
  7. CanadianCole

    CanadianCole New Member

  8. majorjessica

    majorjessica New Member

    Hey guys! My name is Jessica and I had my phone interview at the beginning of November, the 3rd I think. I was told the wait would be 4-6 weeks so I guess I'm at 2, hopefully only 2 more to go! The waiting sucks.

    I just read the shoe thing, pretty neat! Is it true that they jump into the waterfall?! That sounds crazy.
  9. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    For Attractions it is! But a lot of people throw their shoes in the Commons pond (inside the houseing complex).
  10. Robyn8

    Robyn8 New Member

    Good call on the new thread !! :) I'm Robyn I applied on the 12th of October and just got an email for a phone interview !! Lots of waiting but totally going to be worth it ! Hopefully my phone interview will be sooon :)
  11. CanadianCole

    CanadianCole New Member

    That's it! I want to work in Attractions now. ;D
    What interview is everyone hoping for? Toronto or Vancouver? I'm Toronto since I only live like an hour away. :)
  12. majorjessica

    majorjessica New Member

    I was kind of wanting to work in Attractions as well, Kidcot especially sounds like it would be fun. But I don't know what the likelihood of that happening is, aha.
  13. DanBursey

    DanBursey New Member

    Hey guys my names Dan, I applied in mid October and received and email for phone interviews last week which means another wait period of 4-6 weeks before I get to do the interview so I guess I'll join the waiting game with everyone else.
  14. CanadianCole

    CanadianCole New Member

    Haha! You can have Kidcot, Jess! I just want to do the monologue and trivia for O'Canada. ;D
    Welcome Dan, and feel free to join in on our waiting game.
  15. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    Im close to Toronto so I would go there.
    Coming up on two weeks since I applied, still waiting to hear!

    If you want attractions go for it! Attractions is both the movie and kidcot. Sell yourself by demonstrating qualities of being able to engage and interact with with guests, and storytelling because you have to do spiels before the movie.
  16. majorjessica

    majorjessica New Member

    Thanks Nicole! I'm glad we worked that out, aha. But I think (like everyone) I'll take what I can get!

    So, fellow Canadians, how's the snow treating you?
  17. lselbyma

    lselbyma New Member

    Well I'm waiting too, so I might as well join you all :) I have to wait until July though :(

    Here's my timeline:
    July 4th - applied
    Aug 4th - phone interview
    November 10th - F2F
    November 11th - rejected

    SOoooooo if anyone has questions about the application process or the joys of the waiting game, let me know :)
  18. CanadianCole

    CanadianCole New Member

    Surprisingly we don't have any snow where I am, Jess. Not that I'm complaining. Snow = the devil! :D
    No worries, iselbyma. There's always next time. ;)
  19. natalieCanada

    natalieCanada New Member

    Just waiting to hear when my phone interview is going to be! Hopefully after December 14th because I would like to focus on my exams before stressing about the interview.

    I would assume I would be in merchandise because I have worked in a gift shop for four years... The waiting game is not the ideal situation, but I will let Disney do whatever they want if they will take me :)
  20. Robyn8

    Robyn8 New Member

    if i get to the F2F I will be going to Toronto seeing as im currently in the KW region !

    i would looooove to be in merchandise because I have alot of experience in that area but i'lll take any position just to work there for a WHOLE year ;D


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