Canadians for January 2010??

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by princess_shayna, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Sphinx

    Sphinx New Member

    Hi everyone, im agreed with u Belle, waiting its the worst part of all, but the idea of working on WDW maybe release some of the stress, im apply for the CRP from mexico
  2. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    The time is ticking by so slowly.... it's like in High School Musical 2, when they're all just waiting for the bell to ring in agony, the clock is getting bigger and bigger and they're all chanting "summer... summer.... summer".

    I like the Mexican Pavillion, it's got a nice, quaint feeling to it. And the boat ride is fun too!

    Sadly, I can't say I've really ever ventured into the German pavillion, but that is something I will definitely have to do while I'm there!

    As for Canada, I love the circlevision movie... mostly just the song, but Martin Short makes the movie fun. I still think they should have kept the song as a duet.... maybe with Kalan Porter or Michael Buble?
  3. ChelBelle

    ChelBelle New Member

    Oooh yeah it should have been a duet with Michael Buble! I haven't actually been there, but I've seen videos and listened to the song :)

    And nice High School Musical reference!
  4. mousefreak

    mousefreak New Member

    i can not wait any longer....AHHHH this is consuming my every thought. now that school is done i have nothing to focus on other than this!!!
  5. ChelBelle

    ChelBelle New Member

    Oh me too! Even when school was on, this was all I thought about... which probably wasn't a good thing. I bet that I couldn't go an hour without thinking about the CRP!!! So so so very exciting...
  6. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    It is exciting indeed!

    My suggestion for taking your mind off Disney? Playoff Hockey.

    While only a temporary solution, it's the only I can think of, otherwise, pretty much everything else relates back to Disney... good thing the Ducks are out I guess ;D

    P.S - HSM rocks!
  7. ChelBelle

    ChelBelle New Member

    Haha after the Flames were out, I was cheering for the Ducks just because of their name and location! Ha its funny that even hockey related to Disney!

    -- Yeah HSM rocks! Not many guys I know like HSM, so right on! :D
  8. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Are you from Calgary Chelsea? I am only assuming so since you are a flames fan. It is too bad for them, I thought they would be able to get a lot further than they did, but Iggy didn't have a great series and Phaneuf was injured so... I'm hoping for the Pens now! Go Crosby!

    I love HSM, and Camp Rock, and pretty much anything that Disney comes up with, they are just genius!

    Anyways, only a couple more months before we can apply!!! Almost there!
  9. mousefreak

    mousefreak New Member

    hahah except that is just the first step of the famous disney waiting game.
    we then wait for phone interviews
    then for f2f
    then for acceptance

    then even more waiting if you get put of the bloody waitlist
  10. ChelBelle

    ChelBelle New Member

    Yeah I'm from Calgary! I'm not a huge hockey fan but I watched and cheered for the flames, but now that they are out, I haven't really been following. My dad always jokes about me marrying Phaneuf but like thats gonna happen hey?! haha.

    Disney is totally genius! I love pretty much anything they come up with too. I'm looking forward to Up next week ;D

    -- We have so much waiting to do still! But it will all go by fast I bet.
  11. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Aww.... Kim, do I sense a bit of bitterness? lol, hopefully there won't be too much more waiting for you.

    Chelsea, you never know what can happen. Though I've heard, no offense to Phaneuf, he's awesome he used to play for my hometown Rebels, but I've heard he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. But anything is possible! Like how I'm going to marry Taylor Swfit one day. It'll happen, just wait and see...
  12. ChelBelle

    ChelBelle New Member

    Haha, Phaneuf wouldn't be my first choice. Now Michael Buble, he's the one :D But you're right anything can happen! Good luck with Taylor ;)

    -- Has anyone heard Celebrate You by Corbin Bleu? Awesome song! Makes me feel happy!
  13. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Thanks, I'll need it, lol...

    I love Celebrate you! From the moment I heard it at the WDW Christmas day parade. It's so catchy and you can just bust out to it when you're driving, or whenever! Such a fun tune!

    "It's the time of your life..."
    That'll be the theme when we all get down there :D
  14. mousefreak

    mousefreak New Member

    hahaha matt it's not so much bitterness. i have been fairly positive throughout this whole thing, i just REALLY want to be down there..nowish!!! i have very little patience :S
    that song sends tears to my eyes... the commercials come on tv and my mom just looks at me and groans lol.. what can i say.. i am a softy.
  15. ChelBelle

    ChelBelle New Member

    I am glad there are other people out there who get teary eyed from that song and Disney Parks commercials! :)
  16. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    That's fair, I really want to be there now too!!!

    The Disney commercials are amazing. The marketing team is just genius. Though I love the Celebrate you song, I preferred the Year of a Million Dreams commercials.
    I wonder what the new stage show is? Dream along with Mickey was one of the best stage shows, it'd be hard to top that!
  17. ChelBelle

    ChelBelle New Member

    Yeah the Year of a Million Dreams commercials were awesome! Whatever the new stage show is, I'm sure it will be excellent! Although I haven't seen any of the other ones in person, so anything would be good for me ;)
  18. princess_shayna

    princess_shayna New Member

    I love Disney commercials!!! Whenever one comes on I gasp and have to have a moment!!! And sometimes if i'm extra missing it I get teary! lol!

    I love the older commercials too! But the year of a million dreams commercials and promo's were so good! That music was just tooo good!!!

    Speaking of the Celebrate You song... I have the version by Corbin, but i'm looking for the version in the Celebrate a Dream come true Parade... with everyone singing... I love it. Does anyone have this version? Matty your good with this stuff??

    Awee I want to go to Disney now! I want July to hurry up so we can get this process started!!!!!
  19. Jenalya

    Jenalya New Member

    Hey all! So in Germany the Season starts next week on 4 June i get my Phoneinterview for Epcot! WOW i cant believe it, 1 Months and few days ago i send my CV and now the Phoneinterview comes! Wish me luck!
  20. princess_shayna

    princess_shayna New Member


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