Canadians for January 2010??

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by princess_shayna, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. MeganHitachiin

    MeganHitachiin New Member

    I am up for whenever ... sure I would love to go sooner than later but honestly I just want to go :D and yeah I put down for food and bev ... simply cause all my experience is in fast food and well actually most of it in in historical interpretation lol XD but I have never worked in retail... and you guys will be interviewed on my birthday lol XD ... me I get interviewed 2 days before my birthday lol XD
  2. Robyn8

    Robyn8 New Member

    Thats such an awesome birthday present!!! :)

    My birthday is a week before so I'll count it anyways lol!

    Anywho, Im thinking I would go as soon as possible !! I just can't wait to go ! It is going to be such a GREATT! experience :) ...

    peopleperson.. I would also prefer Merch over food or bev. because I have the most experience in there ... and im a born clutz so Im sure me as a waitress would go over so well!! :p :)
  3. MeganHitachiin

    MeganHitachiin New Member

    I know right ... such an excellent gift lol :D
  4. I'm with you on the waitressing thing! I work at Wal Mart, so my experience is in Merch as well. :)
  5. Robyn8

    Robyn8 New Member



    Merch all the way! :p
  6. jackattack

    jackattack New Member

    I marked down F&B. I have a lot of serving experience and was in F&B when I did the ICP in 2006. I'm working in sales right now so I could do that, but I would prefer a tipped position lol and I also enjoy fast paced work environments. The days go by so quick when you work in food.
  7. MeganHitachiin

    MeganHitachiin New Member

    I could handle either but I am not sure how good of a shot I would have at getting merch
  8. Sesosana

    Sesosana New Member

    wow, i feel a little inexperienced. I'm planning on attending the Toronto interviews, this is my first time for the ICP, and I applied practically as soon as i was old enough
  9. ShanaBanana

    ShanaBanana New Member

    I'm reviving this thread because of its fabulous randomness about anything and everything all at the same time! Plus, felt like saying Happy Thanksgiving... again! :D

    Last chance to go see Toy Story 1/2 in 3D as it's the final weekend they're in theatres - it's worth it! They both looked fantastic in 3D! Can't wait for that third film! That new Christmas Carol film that's coming out looks great too - the 3D snow in the preview blew my mind!
  10. Ooh! I saw it on Friday night! It was pretty brilliant. I like how 3D has evolved so much . I didn't realized just how much it had until I saw Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs a couple of weeks ago.

    To echo Shanan, happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
  11. MeganHitachiin

    MeganHitachiin New Member

    Happy Thanksgiving! Man I JUST got back from Toy Story :DDDDD sooo freaking happy now.
  12. amyanne

    amyanne New Member

    Happy Thanksgiving guys!
    I've been thinking about all of you as you're getting
    ready for your interviews and I've definitely got my
    fingers crossed for you!
  13. lululemon

    lululemon Member

    Indeed!! happy thanksgiving way too much, and then fall asleep! that's my plan :D
  14. MeganHitachiin

    MeganHitachiin New Member

    mine too since I have four days off minus a funeral and hair appointment .... there shall be lots of sleep
  15. j-steff

    j-steff New Member

    how does everyone have the day off? i gotta work tonight :( but happpy thanksgiving everyone!!! get your elastic band pants on, turkey dinner doesnt fit in jeans you know :)
  16. MeganHitachiin

    MeganHitachiin New Member

    I have alot of time off this week for somerandom reason... but I was originally supposed to work today but then my boss decided he wouldnt need as many staff and I got a call yesterday saying to just stay home for a extra day ... I lucked out though cause I am sick and dosing in and out of sleep.
  17. ShanaBanana

    ShanaBanana New Member

    I'm pretty sure we have enough leftovers to last at least the month... turkey dinner at the interviews? hehe Uh... second thought... heck no... month old turkey would not taste good...

    But good golly I looooooooove me some stuffing!

    Yeah, 3-D really has evolved by leaps and bounds. I like how it's moved away from the typical 3-D tricks (say, throwing a pie in the face of the viewer, etc). Now it's a means of showing more of the textures in the animation, and giving everything just such greater depth! I love it!
  18. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

    I was lucky and got 2 Thanksgiving dinners this weekend ;D

    And Toy Story 1 & 2 are awesome in 3D!!! No, they're BE-AWESOME!!!
  19. jackattack

    jackattack New Member

    I still haven't seen it :-[

    My work and school schedule leave me literally no days off in the week. Am I too late to see it? Or is it this upcoming weekend that its my last chance.
  20. MeganHitachiin

    MeganHitachiin New Member

    unfortunately it leaves theatres this week before the weekend D=
    and I must say for my first turkey thanksgiving dinner in 4 years I would have prefered chicken lol

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