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  1. canuck23

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    Hey guys
    I was wondering what people did about taking their car down? Did you buy a car in the US or bring it from home? What Insurance Company did you use? How much? Were you able to go in with your parents for the insurance to save money or did you have to get your own plan?
    I know there are a lot of people from Canada who are wondering these so if someone could help it would be appreciated!
  2. jc09fp

    jc09fp New Member

    Hey! Im bringing my car down. Once you get there you have to register your car in Florida, switch your plates, get a Florida drivers license (this means giving up your one from home) and get insurance in Florida. There are lots of places, Geico, Allstate ect. When you first get there, the housing complex will give you a temp pass so you can park there before you get it all sorted.

    Hope that helps :)
  3. Fernanda Gomez

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    i'm thinking about taking my car, so you'r information is great, about how much money did you spend in this whole process? Do you think it was worth taking it?


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