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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by MyLittlePony, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. MyLittlePony

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    Hiya to all you lovely current CMs!
    I am a Disney alum who'll be going back in 9 days with a fellow alum to celebrate our b-days (yay!).
    What I'm wondering about is when the CM nights (i.e. free entry for CMs...) are at the various Disney area nightspots? When we worked there Mondays and Thursdays were for Pleasure Island (or PI, at the time a nightlife "haven", I was very sad to see it go...), Sundays for House of Blues and Tuesdays for Jellyrolls. Since PI shut down I heard that House of Blues "took over" those CM nights, but things might have changed since then?
    The reason I ask is that I remember non-CM nights as being quite slow (and, frankly, quite dull...) at these nightclubs.
    So, for you lucky people currently enrolled in the program, where can we go out at night for a proper castmember experience?
  2. liberal

    liberal New Member

    When I was there last year, House of Blues is big on one day at least, dont remember which day though.
    Chillers is also good.
  3. slider655

    slider655 Member

    As far as im aware it used to be House of Blues on a sunday night (i think) and then Jellyrolls any night of the week because CM's got in free every night. Chillers and Cowboys are still popular i believe, and then there was Rain and Parliament House but of course they're gay clubs!

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