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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnnaBell, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Paoletto

    Paoletto New Member

    Taylor Swift had lunch at the italian restaurant like a few months ago but I wasn't working on that day.. and some co-workers told me backstreet boys also have been there.
  2. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Ok I'm sorry...

    Man I would have loved to have met Taylor Swift.
  3. kmp189

    kmp189 New Member

    Aww so lucky you saw the legend that is Johnny Depp!! I'm hoping one of these days he'll be on the Newark flight out of Bristol as he has a place in Bath but as of yet no sign lol.... Bet he looked so convincing in real life as he does in the films.

    Was any one there when they shut Disney for Hannah Montanas birthday?! Or was that the one in CA?
  4. suomyno

    suomyno New Member

    At the time it happened I was too young to recognize him, and we didn't meet, but we were at Disneyland at the same time as Michael Jackson and saw him (or so I'm told... I was a year old at the time.) Not sure if that counts, though :p
  5. pinkspideruk

    pinkspideruk Active Member

    I saw Peter Kay, the Chewbacca guy, katies and peter, the woman from eastenders cant remember her name she played cathy beal - actually she nabbed me outside the r&c and accosted me about where in london i was from - had lot my name bage and was stuck wearing a lousie form london noe - when i jokingly said my german room mate had probably pinched my real one she went into a foul mouthes rant about the germans - very classy! Saw drummer from good charlotte as well
  6. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    I saw Davy Jones from The Monkees... But that's probs because he was performing at the American gardens during F&G fest lol.
  7. warnertech

    warnertech New Member

    - I posted this thread on Twitter !


  8. warnertech

    warnertech New Member

    When I worked in the parks I don't think I saw anyone! I was standing next to a famous basketball player in a parade and even spoke to him but I honestly had no idea who he was. Wasn't until later I found out and I still can't remember his name haha. Paris Hilton came into the Art of Disney the day I wasn't working with her then boyfriend. Last summer when Britney Spears was in toontown my friend was working and saw her... was so jealous!
    There have been a few minor celebrities on the cruise I've met... mostly Disney people Corbin Bleu... Alyson Stoner... Jason Earles... Tiffany Thornton.
    Judy Kuhn was my favorite... I ended up greeting her and walking her onto the ship... lovely lady... and ridiculously talented. She was on to do a concert in the theatre.
    For any Sabrina the Teenage Witch fans I met David Lascher and his family... he played the coffee guy Josh on Sabrina. He was also in Blossom, Beverely Hills 90210 and the Clueless TV show... 90s celebrity haha.
    Fact of the day also... none other than Jennifer Hudson used to work on the Disney Wonder... she was part of the mainstage cast a few years back!
  9. beccathemouse

    beccathemouse New Member

    The best I can claim is that I had my picture taken with the Prince of somewhere (might have been Isreal) when I was hanging out with Donald at Epcot character spot. All I know is that this kid walked up to me, posed, snap, he walked off again. My reaction was Wow there is someone who knows how to do an efficiant character greeting! :)

  10. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Ha ha that last story made me chuckle... :D
  11. zoeunleashed

    zoeunleashed New Member

    I would love to see some celebrities if I get to go and work out there! However knowing my luck it would be someone who I have never heard of and won't realise I've met! Plus I probably wouldn't recognise many American celebrities but I would hopefully recognise English ones, as I'm from the UK.
    I think it would be quite fun to see Derren Brown there, as I think that would just be odd. LOL.

    Meeting Josh from Sabrina would be cool though I loved Sabrina!!

    I did meet the most amazing celebrity when I went when I was younger... Mickey Mouse!!!

    I think any celebrity would be good to see there though, it's silly how we all get excited when we see one, but it's so fun! :D

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