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  1. AllanWa

    AllanWa New Member

    Hey Guys,

    Okay - I've been researching like no one's business to figure out what exactly I am going to do about a cell phone when I'm in the States. I was so irritated that Virgin phones from Canada won't work down in Florida so I'm going to have to buy a new phone. I e-mailed T-Mobile and they told me that incoming calls from Canada would be free except for my airtime minutes. That's a bonus. However I looked on amazon.com and they require you to sign and two year contract.

    So - I want to know, from all the people who are down there or have been down there, what are you doing/have you done about cell phones? I don't want a pay as you go phone that costs a million dollars and my most important feature is no charge incoming calling from home (Canada) except for airtime.


    ~ Allan
  2. PrincessAshi

    PrincessAshi New Member

    Allan, I'm with Rogers, I'm actually just changing my home plan to be a, what they call, Digital One Rate, therefore All calls, to/from Canada, to/from the US are the same. I have 300 minutes for $85 and then will just have my text messaging on that...

    hope this helps, there was another post and I seem to remember something about a Walgreens Phone for about $30 pay as you go type thing. Not sure what that covers though.

    Remember you will have a land line in your commons too...
  3. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    there are loads of pay as you go no contract phones out there. Walmart has a range of phones from about $30 and up depending on how good a phone you want!

    The good thing about buying a cell down there is you will get a 407 number (orlando area code) which means you can call other 407 numbers for free, and people can call your cell for free.
  4. PrincessAshi

    PrincessAshi New Member

    hmmmm now I'm thinking about that

    I don't know what to do now
  5. AllanWa

    AllanWa New Member

    It seems to me, from what I've read, that pay as you go is a good way to get ripped off down there. I imagine that I'll use my phone quite a bit and really the biggest and most important concern is having people call me from home and not get charged long distance. I also don't want to be charged an arm and a leg - I think $85 for 300 minutes is ridics. I could never pay that.

    Doesn't someone have a T-Mobile or Verizon or Cingular or Sprint phone who is down there?

    ~ Allan
  6. Kevus

    Kevus New Member

    so is it best to buy a whole new phone or try and find a sim card to put into a phone??
  7. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    I would say buy the $30 phone from walgreens..I bought it last summer and its really light weight, its not small or anything, its around the same size as the 3310, but abit lighter..

    You get $10 worth of free airtime which lasts you ages..they sort of do it in a credits system and you get a certain amount of credits and like a text is about 0.1 credits or sumthing..cant really remember..


    Thats the webpage tho of the network i was on..and ironically the i bought from walgreens is actually on the homepage to the left hand side!
  8. rachet

    rachet New Member

    i reckon a cheapo wallmart pay as you go sounds like the best bet! as for people back home i guess il have to keep in touch with them via email :-\
  9. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Its so cheap for people to ring you on your flat phone..just get people to do that..its like the cost of local rate in England!

    As for the phones in walmart..alls ill say is that they are absolutely massive..your talking old school 1997 numbers ;)
  10. PrincessAshi

    PrincessAshi New Member

    See I'm not going to be using my phone lots that's why we have an apartment phone.

    $85 Cdn isn't that bad for long distance included in your program...and includes my texts etc.
  11. PrincessAshi

    PrincessAshi New Member

    If I'm there for a couple months and it really doesn't work, I'll buy a phone from walmart or something and then cancel my BC Cell
  12. Kerry J

    Kerry J Guest

    im taking my UK phone which apparently will work in america,and il just get a american sim card and stick it in there!
    if you go on the walmart website theres some phones,normal ones john,like motorola V£i and stuff....not a brick in sight....!!!
  13. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Looks can be disceiving ;) haha..Maybe they've moved into the 21st century now!! ;D
  14. Kerry J

    Kerry J Guest

    hehe,il make sure i take a look - they could be super-sized phones to match all the other super sized things in the states!
  15. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    I can't believe your going in 21 days! How long are you going for? You might have been there and got back by the time i get there!
  16. Kerry J

    Kerry J Guest

    eeee,i know - 2 weeks on tuesday il be there!!!!!!! how mad!!!! Im there for a year,on the cult. rep - UK F&B!!!! woopwoop!!! ;D do you not have a start date???
  17. RCP

    RCP New Member

    According to the disney rules you can have or use a cell phoen or so in duty, so It is worthy to have it if the most of the time it will be at your locker?

  18. PrincessAshi

    PrincessAshi New Member

    You wont be working 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

    And people can at least leave you messages!
  19. j0hnyoung

    j0hnyoung Guest

    Yeah, my start date is August 19th..i wasn't sure when you were going to be there till..

    I am jealous..but i suppose when i get out there in august you'll only have 6 months left, so then you'll be jealous ;)

    Yeah, its definetly worthwhile to have..My job was a backstage role..so you could get away with having it on you to be honest..
  20. Jorden

    Jorden New Member

    I went with Virgin Mobile when I was down there as I was told (by someone else in housing) it's rates were better than the Wal Mart phone and that the phones were cheaper. I never really compared but I really enjoyed the phone I had (until I lost it) and could get phone cards at DTD (Virgin Megastore) Publix and even Wal Mart. Plus I could top it up from my pay-pal account if it was going to be a hassel to get to any of those places. In fact I'm keeping my account active (toping it up with Pay Pal every 2 months) so I will have the same number when I get back to Florida.

    http://www.virginmobileusa.com/rates/home.do;jsessionid=GWk3Q1ngf7Tg5hTWlJzyLH1TfRpJDL1J2GM6T0rNn8nqrwkTzn0x!-611692213!-839916656!7501!7502 Virgins rates/plans in the US

    International texting is 20 cents to send 10 to recieve (in the us it's just 5 cents to send and 5 to recieve).

    Virgins international rates (for calling)

    these are their phones (available at Virgin Megastore in DTD).

    Also on the subject of having the phones at work, sure you're not suposted to have them, but I know many people who do have them on them while working, and have seen many of them text while on stage (usually involving dark preflight coordoors at Mission Space).

    You wouldn't want to be caught on stage using your phone though.

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