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  1. tinydancinggirl

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    Just a heads up, i got a phone before I left the UK from Fonepool (www.fonepool.com). You can get a phone & SIM or just the SIM and they post it real quick. Fonepool themselves were excellent but in my personal opinion T Mobile (the network fonepool provide) suck. I don't have any experience of other networks in the US, mind, but I thought they were outrageously expensive, customer service were awful, sound quality was too, and I only found one place in the entire of Florida where I could buy top-up cards (you can top-up over the phone too, but as they don't accept UK credit cards and my Vista bank account was usually empty...). Luckily it happened to be the Walgreens opposite Vista! ;) I think you can top up in garages now too though.

    I've heard Virgin Mobile in the US are pretty bloody cheap esp for text messaging, but that's only what I heard :). Don't forget that you'll be wanting to stay in touch with your new American and international friends too so I would definitely recommend getting a US cell number. I saw my roommate's UK phone bill at the end of each month, it wasn't pretty.
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    I just got the normal T-Mobile brick phone from Wal-Mart. though now they've got a newer/nicer model out that I actually bought over christmas when I was on vacation and stuck my old sim in it. T-mobile minutes can go really fast, especially if ur like me and text alot. But if you buy the initial 100 dollars worth of minutes at the start, then you get way more minutes overall. It's expensive but in the long run it's cheaper. I also think Virgin has some good deals. You can go on a plan without a contract if that's what you want. Or u can just buy minutes.
  3. PeXoXaLoVePooH

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    and what about cingular??
    its a good company?
  4. dannyrock4

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    moblie phones

    Does anyone know about taking moblie phones over there, I mean what network (if any) gets cover? do you have to buy a usa sim card or a new mobile etc? if anyone could help that would be great, cheers
  5. brynna87

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    Re: moblie phones

    Most people just a buy a new phone when they get over there. A cheap pay as you go thingy. Lots of people opt for the 30 dollar t-mobile phone. It's alright, good for basic stuff. Last summer I did that and ended up spending lots on minutes tho, so I'm thinking of going with a no contract plan from Virgin. So dependin on how much u plan on using ur phone, you may want to look into your options.
  6. Jorden

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    Re: moblie phones

    I believe you have to get your phone unlocked and then you can use it with some of the US carriers (not sure who).

    Keep in mind if you're keeping your same plan as you have right now in Florida but getting a good long distance plan that you'll be charging everyone else who wants to call you the international rates to your country of orgin.

    It can double or triple the cost with Virgin mobile for example, even for simple things like recieving a text message.
  7. brynna87

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    Re: moblie phones

    If you're wanting to talk to people back home, it's better to get a phone card from like walgreens and then just use the phone from ur apartment. The US cells are cheap to use in the country, but for international stuff there are a tad expensive.

    With Virgin a text to a foregin country is like 20 cents, but then again, one within the states is only 5 cents. With T-mobile it's also like 20 cents. But with T-mobile, it's ten cents within the states. So technically Virgin works out cheaper for texting....it's a whole bunch of math that i have been calculating in my head for days, lol. I've been doing lots of research and I'm still not even sure :)
  8. Elvira

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    Re: moblie phones

    I thought it's much easier with the cell-phones there..... :( OK, now I gotta think what to do too...
  9. j0hnyoung

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    Re: moblie phones

    Yeah, im thinkin about gettin a Virgin USA sim card..Im on Virgin UK at the moment and that was expensive when i was on them last summer..I ended up buying one of the one's from walgreens after about a week!

    But im guna try Virgin USA this time, see what they've got to offer me!

    Also if anyone wants to read it, there's a massive thread on mobiles on the Shopping Thread..It was on this thread, but it got moved to that one..So thats why you might not be able to find it..
  10. PeXoXaLoVePooH

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    I merge the topic on accepted to here, here is so much usefull information ;D
  11. maxiv

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    ever heard of skype? :)
  12. rachet

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    yeah, although I have decided not to take my laptop now, so probably wont want to use skype in the clusters. emails will be fine while im only gone for the summer.

    i'm rubbish with phones...basically my friend has given me his old phone, its a triband so should work in the US but it isnt unlocked. SO if i get it unlocked and take it to america, will i be able to buy any US pay as you go sim card and use it in my friends phone over there to ring other american numbers? just trying to get this sorted in my head!
  13. Croche

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    Cell Phones Plans Prices and what everyone else does

    I really want to move on in terms of my next project, i would use escrow of course and settle for anything higher than 1500 dollars.

    What do you think?
  14. laurashawn

    laurashawn New Member

    buying a new phone would be one of the best options i think..
  15. NZ_Jess

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  16. Keri_07

    Keri_07 New Member

    Hmm now I'm not sure if it's a good idea to take my iPhone...because if I lost it that would suck. I'd rather lose a $20 walmart phone lol.

    I found this plan on the walmart website http://www.walmart.com/ip/NET10-Unlimited-Minute-Card/15125972 It's prepaid $50 for 30 days but it has unlimited text, minutes and web.
  17. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Yeah true! But i think I will still take my iphone, just cos its got all my music and games and stuff on it. plus it'll be good picking up wi-fi at places!

    But im not going to buy a plan for it, im gonna buy a cheap walmart phone to keep in contact with other peeps in america, and use skype on my iphone or laptop to call home :) Way cheaper, and that way I can leave my iphone locked in my apartment when im out so it wont get lost!
  18. Keri_07

    Keri_07 New Member

    Good idea, I completely forgot about the lockers.
  19. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member

    Yeah, if we get a good combination lock, our stuff should be pretty safe in there. I dunno how big they are, cos I want to put like, my laptop, camera and phone in there - all my valuables! Just in case you get dodgy roommates (hopefully not though!)
  20. Keri_07

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    I wish we found out our room mates before leaving lol, I wonder what they will say to Mitchell and Tom when they call.

    Hmm I reckon the lockers will be big enough for that stuff. I hope so anyway. If not you could just use your suitcase and put a lock on it :-\ or something like that lol.

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