Change in initial meeting at MCO to Vista Way

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by aj2721, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    Do you guys think (I have no idea how this works) but if I look for flights now that that will be the time I will be leaving even if I don't book it right away?

    Will they add flights over time?
    Or is it set in stone this early?
  2. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    pretty much set in stone. if anything they will take flights away which arnt selling as well and merge the passengers who have booked on seperate flights onto one flight!
  3. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    hmm okay.
    Well that works out for me I'll be there at 1:07pm on September 9th.
    I'm just not buying my ticket until I get a seat sale on it.
  4. george544

    george544 New Member

    hey why don't you all post you arriving flights and times so we can make gropus for those of you who don't know the place very well to get to the complex? it's under transportation groups
  5. disneydreamer

    disneydreamer New Member

    its not the money or the bother about booking another way to get there... for me its the fact that i go in 6 weeks time and they jsut decided to spring this on us now...the international programs all boast being well organised and doing as much for us as they possibly can but now there cutting us off until we actually arrive in disney. its sortable because i know a lot of people on my flight but its jsut oen more thing that we shouldnt have to be dealing with/ didnt sign up for when we agreed the role ( not that i wouldnt of jsut because of a bus...)
  6. beck-y

    beck-y New Member

    suppose it just gets you used to Disney treating ICPs like shi.t, earlier on in your program.
  7. beck-y

    beck-y New Member

    Who the fuck are you flying with? Lol!
  8. disneydreamer

    disneydreamer New Member

    its not the money, there changing it so suddenly without any prior warning and some people are leaving in a few weeks time its just another hassle/worry to deal with.

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