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Discussion in 'Technical Questions, Comments and Suggestions' started by Jjsweet1402, May 19, 2005.

  1. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    So we have the forums for the cruise line and IP programmes would it be possible to get one dedicated to the college programme?
  2. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    i think it would be a good idea for a college programme message board too
  3. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    thanks stu for your support...

    come on guys surely there are more peeps that would like one!!
  4. Goldytap

    Goldytap New Member

    loads of people would want the board but theyve all left for Florida already!

    But i think its a good idea as well
  5. kelly_p

    kelly_p New Member

    yeah they could hav one for nxt year it woyuld be up and runningby then its a good idea ;D
  6. KC

    KC Guest



    Perhaps, like the International Program, the boards should be split into Cultural Rep and International College sections?

    But then, perhaps a certain amount of interaction as we have now might be beneficial?
  7. brynna87

    brynna87 New Member

    I think it could be a good idea but I like talking to everyone. It's just a little confusing trying to figure out who's ICP and who's a REP.
  8. Kayleigh

    Kayleigh New Member

    i think we shud hav our own board too.. it very very coconfusin wit the IP as well!!
  9. PeXoXaLoVePooH

    PeXoXaLoVePooH Active Member

    theres one now!!!! ;)

    on the other disney jobs seccion ;)
  10. Jjsweet1402

    Jjsweet1402 New Member

    i no it taken me a while but thanks for the support everyone and thanks for giving the website its only little college page

  11. brennan0720

    brennan0720 New Member

    i dont even pay attention the the divisions... i just go to all unread posts and look at everything

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