Contact lenses: prescription?

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  1. lilacwhisper

    lilacwhisper New Member

    Hi ;)

    Does anybody know whether it's possible to buy contact lenses with an international prescription? I mean, I have my Italian prescription and I'd like to buy contact lenses on-line while in America... do you think it's possible? Someone wrote about the necessity of a prescription costing 130$ in stores :-[
  2. samuel191

    samuel191 New Member

    Can you not just continue to get your contacts from home, and get them shipped over when they arrive. At least thats what I did anyway.
  3. lilacwhisper

    lilacwhisper New Member

    Er... yes, technically ;)
    The problem is that my parents would have to buy and ship them for me, wasting time and money, while it would be much more simple, cheap and immediate to buy them in the US. At the moment I'm not working, so I can't afford a big purchase before leaving :-\
    Well, I'll probably abandon daily lenses in favour of monthly ones, so that I'll need less boxes ::) What a pity, however! It would have been so easy to buy them directly abroad :-\

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