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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by tinkithink, Apr 26, 2008.

  1. tinkithink

    tinkithink New Member

    Does anyone know how residency works in the US? Like, once I have a postal address can I apply for an American credit card?
    I reaaaallyyyy want a Disney credit card, but I can't get one 'cause I live in stupid ol' Canada!
  2. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    You can get one once you're there ;D
  3. JCB911

    JCB911 New Member

    Really? Even without a US credit score and address history? ....
  4. WinterSun

    WinterSun New Member

    I think its near impossible to get one without having a credit history but if you go to TD you can sign up for A US visa, basically you buy stuffin USD and then pay for it in USD so you don't get slammed with the banks conversion fees etc. Thats what I did.
  5. tinkithink

    tinkithink New Member

    Well I have a Canadian credit history, so it's not like I have nothing.
  6. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    You can get a US credit card..
    a friend of mine got one, and he has no US credit history...
  7. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    I currently went to RBC and applied for a US credit card with my canadian credit.
    If you are canadian do this.

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