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  1. rebeccawilsonx

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    Popping in to wish everyone the best of luck in their applications this round! Be sure to check out my advice video over on my advice channel should you like any tips :)
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    I am 17 years old and I turn 18 in March. Am I allowed to apply for the 2015 program now or do I have to wait until 2016 to apply. I know that the application close date for 2015 is January 31st which making me question about the application. In theory, I would like to do the program once I finish school in July as a gap year before uni. Do you know if I would be allowed? Otherwise, I will have to wait either until after I finish university in 3 years or put university on hold for 2 years.
  4. Kimmlez

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    Would you mind if I joined the group?
    I've been offered a start date of July 2015, but I'm the last of my interview group to get a date, and also can't find anyone with the same date yet...
    In case people from your groups get the same date?
  5. hassan bzi

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    you will have the right answer about your questions, if you send an email to this address :

    I wish you good luck :)
  6. hassan bzi

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  7. Kimmlez

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    WOOOOO HOOOOO!! So pleased I managed to find people with the same date!! =D
    For some reason the facebook group isn't coming up when I click the link... =S
  8. kaitiep

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    Congrats to everyone who was accepted! Just curious as to how long the wait was from the interview to the acceptance stage? I feel as if I need to prepare my heart for the wait haha
  9. hassan bzi

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    KIMMLEZ : if you have an account on facebook

    you can just put in research the group name 'Disney CRP Arrival July 21st 2015'

    and you will find our group, you are welcome
  10. hassan bzi

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    after the face to face interview, in general the results are announced after 2 weeks to 4 weeks.
    and rarely, its can be more than 4 weeks, because its depends on the country and the number of candidates who will be select. so good luck!!!:)
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    @hassan bzi I do have Facebook, but nothing comes up when I copy and paste the page title you've said into the search bar on Facebook, and the link isn't working for me either.It says "This content is currently unavailable". :(

    If you want find me on Facebook and see if there's a way to add me to the group from there.
    I've tried almost everyday now to see if the link would work... :)
  13. Nathaniel Greef

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    Hey beautiful people

    I trust all you guys are well.

    I'm applying from South Africa in the next application phase to work at Animal kingdom.

    I've just completed my cover letter(Yes I'm that excited lol)

    Can any of you guys perhaps tell me what you guys think, can I email it to any one of you guys??

    Nathaniel Greef

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