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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by emmdee, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    Hello all! My names Megan and I (think) I've applied to be on the Canadian pavilion! My question to you (if anyone knows) is whether or not our applications are still done through Yummy jobs? When you go on the yummy jobs website to the CRP application dates, it says:

    "Canadian Applicants - Are required to apply directly on the Disney International Programs website for the program. - See more at:"

    But when you go to the Canadian applicants tab for Disney international programs, it says CRP applicants must apply through Yummy jobs.

    I applied on the Disney international programs website and they say I will hear back in the upcoming weeks, but I'm not too sure if I also need to apply on the Yummy jobs website once applications open?

    If anyone could let me know, or has any idea, i would appreciate it. I'm super excited! :) thanks!
  2. disneyymagic

    disneyymagic New Member

    Hi Megan,
    I'm Laura, also from Canada.
    I don't really know what the website means either, they actually just changed it on Tuesday, it used to say something completely different! I applied back in September, the day after the applications closed on Yummy Jobs. I did however apply on the Disney website and haven't heard back from the Disney website, so my plan pretty much is try to apply on yummyjobs when they open the applications again! And if that doesn't work, just keep on waiting!
  3. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    Hi Laura! Nice to meet you :D great to actually talk with other people who are applying too! Hopefully after this waiting game is over we might see each other at the interviews :)

    Anyways, Thanks for the info - I will probably just wait until applications open at Yummy jobs and apply there too just to be safe. Whether it's a yes or no I know they will respond at some point!
  4. missalice

    missalice New Member

    Hey Megan!

    Applications aren't going to be through YJ this year for us Canadians, they're going to be through the Disney International Programs site. I've been on the website a lot today haha. It currently offers a link for applying, or advises to click the APPLY NOW button at the top of the screen. However, the only job posting for the CRP that they have is from September. I'm not sure if we're supposed to apply to that posting or wait for a new one, so I've contacted the Disney Careers website to figure the whole situation out. :) I know applications opened on YJ for the UK participants today and some have already applied, and I'm anxious to apply myself! :D
  5. disneyymagic

    disneyymagic New Member

    You can apply using the one from September!
    They are "open" but what that means is that they are accepting people but they aren't looking at any of the applications.
    I applied with the September with one but actually in September. I have been "In Progress" since then! :-\

    Good luck!
  6. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    Hey, thanks for the informative response! I already applied on yummy jobs website anyways (was too excited and figured, worst they could say was to apply through Disney website) I thought the date on the posting was odd too...if you hear anything from Disney about it please let us know!
    Thanks again :) I'm sure in due time we will get an answer :p
  7. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    Ohh, that's interesting to know Laura! I wonder when Disney will open applications then?
  8. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    And ps.... I hope you hear something soon Laura. It must be nerve wracking having to wait almost 4 months now! I haven't even waited two weeks and I'm already feeling it, lol... Anyways I wish you best of luck, and you as well missalice :)
  9. Hey guys! I'm Kathleen. :) I just sent in my application tonight, woohoo! So nice to have people to wait with!

    I did the program in 2010, I'm really hoping to do it again because I didn't get the whole year last time. It was the best seven months of my life, though, not going to lie! This application process is a bit different though, for sure. I didn't even know it wasn't Yummy Jobs until today!
  10. missalice

    missalice New Member

    Yeah, my only problem with the September one is that I applied in September as well and am still listed as In Progress. << So I'm just wondering if and when a new posting will go up so that those of us who applied last time can apply again.

    Hey Kathleen! 8D Yaaay! I did a program in the summer of 2010 too, and another program from 2012-2013! Great to see some alumni applying! :D
  11. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    Hi Kathleen! Good luck to you as well, and hopefully we all hear something soon as to what they are doing with the Canadian applicants :D.... When I applied I did get a message saying I would hear back in 30 days, but somehow I'm not so sure about that. Perhaps if Disney is doing the UK interviews in March, that may mean our interviews for Canadians may be along a similar timeline? Anyways, best of luck!
  12. Yay alumni! I'd been going back and forth on reapplying, but I finally just decided to go for it again!

    Yeah, I got that message too. I kind of figured since they were doing the UK ones soon that they must be doing another round for Canadians as well! I'm going to creep the other boards to try to see what the latest start dates for Canadians are... *creepcreepcreep* :)
  13. Looks like there have been people accepted all the way up to August! I figure that means that they must be hiring again soon. Hopefully for us, anyway! :)
  14. missalice

    missalice New Member

    I'm really getting frustrated/nervous that I can't apply because of that old posting! I hope a new one goes up soon, or that they change my status from In-Progress, at least! :(
  15. I hope so too! Have you gotten any response from them?
  16. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    I can only imagine how tough it must be waiting this long... Hopefully we hear something soon, if applications for UK are open that must mean we can't be too far away! :) let us know if you hear anything :)
  17. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    Just emailed Disney, basically I asked them if they are still considering applications or if they will be doing so at a later date. I will let you guys know when I get an answer! Thanks again :)
  18. missalice

    missalice New Member

    No I haven't received a response from them yet. I also asked YJ if they knew anything about how the process is working for us now.

    emmdee if you don't mind my asking, what was the e-mail you used to get in touch with Disney? I just used the contact section of their careers site. I might send an e-mail with my own concerns as well. :)
  19. emmdee

    emmdee New Member

    Thanks missalice, please let us know if you do hear back :) and of course! They also have a phone number if you want to call, but it's long distance so I just emailed... Here's the information below:

    Disney International Recruiting
    Telephone Number: (+001) 407-934-7470
    Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time
    Email address:
  20. nladams

    nladams New Member

    I applied on the disney careers website too but all I got was an automated response...hopefully i'll hear from someone soon!

    "We are excited to review your application and learn more about you. You should hear from us or your in-country agent in the upcoming weeks. Should you have any questions, please reach out via the information below:
    Disney International Recruiting
    Telephone Number: (+001) 407-934-7470
    Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time
    Email address:

    We recommend that you periodically log into your profile at to look for updates and messages regarding your application status.

    We sincerely thank you for your enthusiasm and interest in Disney International Programs!

    Best regards,
    Disney International Recruiting"

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