CRP face to face interview 15th november Morocco .

Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by saad_1, Oct 31, 2014.

  1. saad_1

    saad_1 New Member

    Hello there ,

    I recieved a mail from the international service of Disney saying i'm selected to passe an interview on 15 november in Rabat .

    Is it normal to get a face to face interview without passing by a Phone interview ?
    Are there any other people called for an interview the 15th november ?

    Thank you
  2. hassan bzi

    hassan bzi New Member

    Hello saad,
    your case is normal
    and to exchange information an applicant has to create an account on facebook,
    for people applying or waiting for their interview CRP on 15th nov in RABAT and 19th in casablanca.
    you can join this group:
  3. omartirguit

    omartirguit New Member

    Hello saad
    i just want to know what can i do for working in epcot on pavillon marakech , please .
  4. hassan bzi

    hassan bzi New Member

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