CRP start date 2nd September 2014

Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by FmH, Apr 3, 2014.


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  1. FmH

    FmH Member

    Hey guys!

    So... only 5 days after my f2f-interview, I got accepted for the CRP in F&B in the german pavilion. If there are any other people out there starting on this date as well, come say hello! :)
  2. LA1989

    LA1989 New Member

    Same here, got as well accepted 5 days after my Interview in Germany but for Guest Relations, we Germans already have as well a Group for this Arrival Date on Facebook called WDW CRP September 2nd 2014. So far it is a pity that only Germans are in the group, we would like to make the group as big and as international as possible, therefore if you would like to join us to discuss and get to know as well over there feel free to contact Sarah Boedner or Pol Di(myself), because we know already that most Germans are not active over here unfortunately :(
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  3. RoseannaL93

    RoseannaL93 New Member

  4. speilbilde

    speilbilde New Member

    I have a September 2nd Start date, as well. Merch in Norway! :)

    @LA1989/@Roseanna - If I'm right then your groups are open to everyone, right? I would like to join, because... yay. Group joining spree. :3
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  5. Elise

    Elise New Member

    Same here, merch in Norway :)
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  6. Brideee

    Brideee New Member

  7. speilbilde

    speilbilde New Member

    ^ I've already joined and posted in everything, haha. Yay! :)
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  8. Steven Mundt

    Steven Mundt New Member

    I´ll start a few days earlier on 12th of August. I am a german too and already apllied for the Facebook-Group. :)
    I will work in the F&B. I am looking forward to see you there soon! :)
    Greetings, Steven.

    Btw: I had to wait 4 weeks for my "CONGRATULATIONS"-E-Mail :D
  9. Miss.Mandy88

    Miss.Mandy88 New Member

    Hey! I'm from Canada and will be starting on this day too!!! I'm in Merch :D

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