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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by DisneyMermaid, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. DisneyMermaid

    DisneyMermaid New Member

    I'd love to be a character performer, but I read on the website that you don't get to audition for that role until you get to America! And yet, there are Aussies on here who auditioned before they went...I'm confused...could someone please clarify?

    Also, I've heard that International College students are only ever cast as fur characters, and never face characters - is this true as well? Because I'd love to be a face character in particular.

    Any help or insight out there?

    I'm not asking you Character Performers to tell me who you're "friends" with or anything, I'd just like to know the odds :)
  2. Piglet

    Piglet New Member

    You won't get to be a face character, you have to be a permanent resident over there cos they have to train you up big style, you even have voice coaching. Unless you look like a twin of a character and get spotted you won't get to do it i'm afraid, which isn't cool cos i'd love to be Alice :( (That's as far as i'm aware though unless it's all changed)

    & yeh you audition for it over there if you're British, I heard it's like waving your arms and jumping on the spot though and my friend said everyone got's like a group audition...I'm guessing it isn't so bad, you have to learn how to do the autographs tho lol x
  3. Smunk

    Smunk New Member

    I'm Aussie and I don't audition til I'm there.....
  4. lalathejellybaby

    lalathejellybaby New Member

    I was a character performer for the ICP this summer and we didn't have to audition either side of the pond! They measured you at the interview (in the UK in my case) and talked about your performance experience. If you are under 5" or over 6" there is so much you can do - in between and it is more difficult to be hired. If you are the right height that's what counts! And nope we can't be face!

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