DCL October Interviews

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by Birdman22, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Jen667

    Jen667 New Member

    Hi Everyone, I passed the DCL interview and will be joining the ship as a Nursery / Youth Counsellor!!! I also am travelling down to London from Scotland for the visa and medical! Congrats to everyone!! Looking forward to getting started now :)
  2. chrisdraper

    chrisdraper New Member

    Hello!!!! Congrats! Do you have a date for when you're joining ship? xx
  3. daria

    daria Member

    congrats, when are you heading down to get all the stuff started?
  4. Redcar

    Redcar Guest

    Any one got their dates yet? I join the dream flying 5th or 6th dec!
  5. chrisdraper

    chrisdraper New Member

    I'm keepin in contact with me and they're saying they'll have an opening for me in the new year! what role are you on the ship? x
  6. Mr T

    Mr T New Member

    Heyyy all

    How is eveyone doing ? not been on here for a while. Just thought I would drop by and say hello. So where is everyone in the process so far?

    I dont have a start date yet but am very eager to get one soon, i literally cant wait he he. Ive got my medical and visa all sorted, my US crb check is being done as we speak, as is my UK CRB check.

    How is everyone else doing?

  7. chrisdraper

    chrisdraper New Member

    yeah I don't have a start date either yet, but emailed the agency and they said It'll probably be in the new year which is exciting!
    Done my crb and reference checks are done/being done havent been asked to do visa and medical yet!! xx
  8. chrisdraper

    chrisdraper New Member

    Just been asked to do my visa/medical! Really excited to get a start date! Hope it's soon x
  9. Jen667

    Jen667 New Member

    Hey guys,

    Sorry I haven't been on for a while, I've been told they will have an opening in the new year :) yaay. I've got my CRB and references are being done. Not been asked to book my medical / visa yet. Random question but has anyone looked at getting shoes sorted for their role? I'm just having a look and wanted to see what others were doing... I'm Youth Activities, in the Nursery so wondered what they meant by dress shoe and trainers? Any ideas..cheers :) x
  10. Mr T

    Mr T New Member

    lol I didnt even wait to be told to book my visa and medical, I just went ahead and did it.

    I actually have started looking at shoes, but for my position it depends on what ship your on so I dont see any sense in buying 4 pairs or shoes, so I think I'm just going to wait until I know which ship Im on then look at buying some, the blackones I think I may be sorted for already - from what I can see they just look like standard dress shoes, which I have plenty of - but the white ones I am assuming I will have to buy from a naval supplier as I have no idea where to get them otherwise. does anyone have any suggestions ?

    Got my Visa back yesterday, just need a start date now x
  11. Mr T

    Mr T New Member


    so anyone from the October Interviews had any news yet?

    waiting waiting waiting.....
  12. Heyy, anyone still waiting from the october interviews? im a dining room server, shes saying my dates probs not gonan be til june/july now, i just wanna go!!

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