DCL staff 2011-2012

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by bekahkiley, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Catefran90

    Catefran90 New Member

    I'm still waiting!
  2. shanie64btz

    shanie64btz New Member

    Then it does explain the thing I was talking about the guest services, that they don't have THAT much of positions to offer ... kinda sad!
  3. IslandSong21

    IslandSong21 New Member

    Nicki I can't find you on facebook! Are you on there as nicole shade? I tried searching the email address, but nothing came up.
  4. chrismore121

    chrismore121 New Member

    Hey Ya'll...

    I will be a Youth Entertainment Host in 2012... sorted my Visa, Medical and CRB!

    Looking forward to sailing with you!

    Chris xx
  5. Catefran90

    Catefran90 New Member

    Congrats Christopher! Good luck with the paperwork!
  6. KirstyJayne

    KirstyJayne New Member

    Disney Fantasy join in Germany on the 5th Feb!

  7. Emily

    Emily New Member

    Hey Everyone!

    I am joining the Disney Wonder in 4 days!!!! I fly to LA on Wednesday then join the ship on Sunday. Is anyone else here slated to join the Wonder?
  8. b9scottuk

    b9scottuk New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm Scott, I'm from North Wales, UK and i've got a position as Cruise Staff. I haven't been given a start date yet but i'm getting all my forms ready for them to say GO!

    Any other Cruise Staff out there? We are going to rock!! I'm so excited, i just want to be out there now. Here's hoping I get the Wonder :D it's new LA/Hawaii/Seattle/Vancouver voyage looks epic!!
  9. mreman2001uk

    mreman2001uk New Member

    hey guys names alex im youth entertainment host on the disney fantasy, join in germany on the 3rd of feb looking forward to meeting evryone
  10. beautifugly

    beautifugly New Member

    im joining the fantasy on 1st Feb, flying from Manchester, England !!! So excited :D
  11. IslandSong21

    IslandSong21 New Member

    Hi everyone! This question is for the girls, can anyone give me some examples of what they're bringing for "Disney Look" clothes? I know what the guidelines say, but I was hoping for more specific examples, thanks!!!
  12. lozzabean

    lozzabean New Member

    Islandsong, I was going to go for dresses. Inoffensive, can be smart or casual, and should be suitable for all weather so it minimises packing.
  13. AussiePrincess

    AussiePrincess New Member

    I just found out I got a YAC position on the Magic starting in March...SO EXCITED!!!! I did an ICP program in '09 which I loved and I can't quite believe that I'm getting the chance to work for the mouse again!!!
  14. Thornts90

    Thornts90 New Member

    Hey everyone,

    I'm Matt and come from Plymouth, UK, I got a position as a DJ/Cruise staff but have that horrible waiting feeling. I'm now waiting for a start date and also the same as alot of you, I am getting bored of people asking me whats going on....when I really don't know. Has anyone else recently completed the application process and is now waiting on a start date?
  15. LisaInWonderland

    LisaInWonderland New Member

    Hey everyone I'm from England and did the ICP at WDW last summer and just got the email saying i'm going to be working guest services on DCL! Very excited to get my start date and what ship I'll be on!!



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