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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current CRP Participants' started by Howie, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. Howie

    Howie New Member

    Hey guys, hows things ? just got a call of yummy saying that they have booked me a visa apt for dec 1st. They said that as it is so close to my leaving date i must ask them (the us embassy) if it is at all possible to speed up my application so i will get it back in time!! if not yummy said i will have to get a new flight and go later!!! :(. they said it is nothing to worry about, but it guess it may mean more waiting!! only a few days hopefully..... has anyone else had this call?

    Hope everyone is well

    howie x x
  2. Danielle1883

    Danielle1883 New Member

    Hey i got the call too, i'm gutted, i know it might only be a few days but we've waited so so long already! Plus don't know whether to quit my job as soon in case i don't get it in time. I think i'll just cry at the interview and hopefully that'll work but i'd rather we all got to go together than just some of us! Oh well positive thinking and all that jazz!


    Danielle xxx
  3. Alex #2

    Alex #2 New Member

    Hello! Bit of a late arrival I know to the old message boards, I'm alex #2 (#2 because of miss alex christophers who got here first and is also as you can see called alex - trying to avoid confusion but i think i am causing more!!)
    Anyhoo I'm off for visa thing on first december too. BIT OF A CLOSE SHAVE THOUGH ISN'T IT!! What time do you guys have to go? 9:30 for me, does anyone want to meet up down there?

  4. daveyboy

    daveyboy New Member

    Hey peeps, yeah i got an answer phone message, but wud be cool to meet u all there if any one wants to? msg me and we can swap numbers or whatever.... all exciting stuff huh!

    davey x
  5. Danielle1883

    Danielle1883 New Member

    Yeah, we should meet up, that'd be cool, i'm going down the day before, if anyone else is?

    Danielle xxx
  6. daveyboy

    daveyboy New Member

    hey peeps - is anyone stayin there the nite before? if so what about sharing hotel rooms? itd be cool to meet day before or something?.... davey x
  7. Danielle1883

    Danielle1883 New Member

    My mum and sister have jumped on the band wagon so they can go shopping ie mums sorting the hotel and stuff, we should still meet up the night before to eat or something, let me know what everyone thinks!

    Danielle xxx
  8. kingston

    kingston New Member

    hi guys...

    is anyone else having any problems with the visa forms online?? I've tried to do it on three different computers now and each time i click continue to submit my forms it goes white, and doesn't do anything...ggrrrr i hate computers.
  9. daveyboy

    daveyboy New Member

    Hey guys!

    Hey Kingston, i went to an internet cafe and the same thing happened to me but tonight ive tried again but on own PC and it seems to have worked??? ive managed to print it all out - has the pc ya using got adobe reader thingy? im not too sure what the problem maybe???

    im a little confused on the VISA form for the males to fill out the Q-157 form??? the education part?

    elementary? im hoping im not gonna come across as completely stupid but does that mean i only put my college eucation down and not secondary gcses?

    everyone else okay with this??? davex x
  10. Danielle1883

    Danielle1883 New Member

    Hye haven't tried doing it yet but am trying to find the embassy on a map and can't, anyone any idea as to where it is?

    Danielle xxx
  11. kingston

    kingston New Member

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the advice dave, i am currently downloading the new adobe reader which should hopefully sort out the probelm. Although it says I've got 28hrs and 14mins before its installed so im gonna be here a while!

    Well, less than a month to go, oh my god! Anyone as nervous/excited as i am?! I cant beleive its come round so fast i've been counting down since 5 months. As for the embassy danielle, iv been told by loads of people (randomly!) that its very easy to find and i wont get lost. There's a link on the embassy website that has a map and address etc so im sure you'll find it ok. I had to change my date to the 24th of Nov, so i'm gutted i wont be seeing you all but i guess it'll keep the suspense for the 7th...

    Right take care guys, i'm going to twiddle my thumbs for the next 28hrs!!

    Kings xx
  12. daveyboy

    daveyboy New Member

    Hey guys!

    Kings, im guessing u have downloaded application now? ha ha - hope it all works and all done and completed!

    only 4 weeks to go now - seems such a long time to wait but then its only gonna come round so quick
    and slap us in the face -

    Im off to Brighton dog races tonight - wish me luck and keep ya fingers crossed for me!

    be good guys - lataz - davey x x

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