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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by claire121394, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. claire121394

    claire121394 New Member

    I am currently trying to decide if either the ICP or the CRP is right for me.

    Aside from the obvious differences (e.g. legnth of time, CRP is part of the World Showcase...) is there really much of a difference, or is the experience very much the same?

    I prefered the idea of the ICP before as i wanted to work in attractions, but after thinking about it i realise i may not be guarenteed a place working on the rides, and may wish to go out for a year not just the summer. So now i am thinking about taking a gap year to do the CRP maybe?

    If you have done either or both could you possibly give any advice?
  2. TalkingDug

    TalkingDug Member

    Hi Claire, I have done two summer icps, but I know somebody who's done one ICP and one CRP. I remember her saying that ICP feels like a big long summer holiday, while with CRP, it's your life, as you're there for a whole year. I'd say with ICP you get to live and work with more americans, which is a good thing, while with CRP you will only live with internationals and only work with people from your own country. They're both totally different program and both have their advantages!
  3. ScottishJen

    ScottishJen Member

    If I could go back in time I wish I did the ICP first! When you do the CRP your working in a strictly UK part of epcot, but with the ICP its a lot more mixed, plus its a good way to get into the "disney" way of doing things before committing to a year. The recruitment process seems quicker and out of the people I met at interviews, all the ICP's got into the CRP without being waitlisted (that I know of) so it sounds good!
  4. TalkingDug

    TalkingDug Member

    Jen, I know a few people who were waitlisted for crp after doing icp! And also somebody who had done two icps and then got rejected for crp. (Me!) But I've now been accepted for my third icp :)

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