Different application for Historical Research Center?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here so hopefully I'm posting in the right place! I'm hoping to send my application off to Yummy Jobs when the applications open in the next few days, but does anyone know if it's the same application for F&B, Merch and HRC or is the HRC a a different application? I'd be over the moon to have any of the roles but I think I may be more suited to HRC because in a strange way it would fit in a little with my degree (English).

    I'm worried that as I don't have any F&B experience, I wouldn't be selected for that anyway. But it also worries me that Merch and HRC are on a lower wage than those serving in F&B - is it still easy to live on the lower wage?

    Does anyone have any experience working in the HRC? Or any of the roles? Being a bit of a newbie it's all a bit overwhelming!

    Sorry for the essay! :)
  2. Hi Hannah!

    I can't answer all your questions as I worked in the Canadian pavilion, but I worked in merch, so I can at least tell you about living on the lower wage! It's really not as bad as it seems, and I had no trouble living on it. Yes, sometimes seeing your F&B friends come home with a lot more money than you could be a bit disheartening, but I always had enough. I was still able to do all of the things I wanted to do. And I still came home with more money than I started with, which I thought was pretty good. Considering the fact that food is so cheap over there, you don't spend as much as you think you will.

    I hope that helps! Sorry that I can't answer your other questions. :)

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