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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sarah_1254, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. kanga-rooney

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  2. meerah89

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    kanga-rooney i love your blog lol. it's sooo random but soo interesting :)

    good luck with the rest of the process, hope the phone interview went well (apart from the line goin dead lol)
  3. blackcatuk

    blackcatuk New Member

  4. kanga-rooney

    kanga-rooney Member

    Aw cheers hun! Its random because i'm finding things to do to distract me while i wait for the ruddy email lol!!
    Glad you like it though :)
  5. VickyPul

    VickyPul New Member

    This is my blog http://wishuponastar2011.tumblr.com/ At the minute it's pretty much just me mumbling on about interviews and other uninteresting things but have a look if u want anyway!
  6. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    So, I started a blog a while back, but thought I'd get some substance to it before posting here.
    I'm trying to use my blog as an information point for new applicants and people interested in the CRP as much as I am for a Diary of events. When I first found out about the CRP I found plenty of blogs over the application period, but not as many answering all the questions I had. Having been on these forums for a while now, I know a fair bit of stuff, and I want to let the rest of the world know it too!

    So yea.. read and laugh at me. http://mydisneyjourney.blogspot.com/

    P.S. It's ugly as hell atm, I plan on prettifying it at some point, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

    Edit: having just updated my blog, I *really* need to start writing shorter posts!!!
  7. liberal

    liberal New Member

    Mine is epcot2011.com
  8. NZ_Jess

    NZ_Jess New Member


    It only has one post so far! Because I only just got offered a place a few days ago..
    But hopefully I will manage to keep it regularly updated throughout the whole experience, even though there's a long time before I'm off =]
  9. BriarRose

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  10. VikkiLillyBee

    VikkiLillyBee New Member

    My blog address has changed, and it's looking much more snazzy now too...
    There's bits that're still under construction, but it's getting there!
  11. morrs084

    morrs084 New Member


    I'm not currently working at Disney, but i do have a blog. I was on the Cultural Rep Program from Apr 2009-2010, and i've recently re-applied to do the CRP a second time. So i have my blog from my first program and what's been going on with my interviews for the second one.
  12. LisaInWonderland

    LisaInWonderland New Member

  13. catfish278

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  14. rynobu25

    rynobu25 New Member


    Here is the link to mine: http://2012wdwcrp.webs.com/

    There is nothing really on there at the moment... But hopefully I will be able to add to it over the next couple of years!
  15. kate003

    kate003 New Member

    So many awesome blogs! Wow! It's funny how so many people fall off the blogging wagon once they get into their programs, I know I did and now that it's over I really wish I had stuck with it, and I definitely plan on trying super hard to if I get the chance to go again. Anyways I was just creeping through some blogs looking for some good active ones to link to my blog...and found mine on someone else's page! It was super exciting! haha. I've been updating through the second interview process and posting some random things, I'm going to try and go back and update some of the missing parts of my past program, as well as look forward to the interviews in a month! Fingers crossed there will be good news to report on soon!!
    Just wanted to say how great everyone's blogs are and to keep it up! You make life for us back home more exciting :)
  16. Shivasauras

    Shivasauras New Member

    Hi everyone, It has been a long time since I have been on this site. I have a blog


    It covers the ICP programme I did in the summer of 2006 and my CR programme I did from September 2007-2008. As well as my year in Japan and now my travels through South East Asia. I really hope people can find out some useful information from it.
  17. CazzieAnwyn

    CazzieAnwyn New Member

    Wow you've done pretty much everything I want to do myself (except the ICP) I may stalk you.

    So many blogs, so many to read through D= I think I've read through 2 at the moment, which seems not alot but there is alot D=
  18. Shivasauras

    Shivasauras New Member

  19. morrs084

    morrs084 New Member

    yeahh... i was so pumped and thought i'd blog like every other day.. but the hours get longer.. you'd rather jump off to the parks or go to a party or something. I'm with you though, i'm going to try and keep on it this time if i get there.
  20. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Might as well plug mine again!


    It's got the J1A and CRP on there (and hopefully DCL soon!)

    I did try to update everyday whilst I was on both programs, but there are some bits missing (especially over Christmas where you just work non stop) from when it was busy and I went on trips, but it's all written down and I'll get it updated one day.

    It is hard to keep it going, but I found it to be such a help when people asked me what I did over the year. I forgot most of it and half of the stuff in my blog I don't remember doing.

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