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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Briggs682, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Briggs682

    Briggs682 Member

    Just wondering if anyone is collecting the 50 Disney Animated Classics?? I've only got 8 left to get! :D
    I was quite surprised by how good some of the older, less well known films are - I love 'Fun and Fancy Free', but I didn't even know it exsisted until I started my collection :p

    Anyways, I'm a bit of a nerd (as you may have already guessed!), just wondered if anyone else was also pretty nerdy and wanted to talk about nerdy stuff too....?? :)
  2. WanabeInDisney

    WanabeInDisney New Member

    Hi there! You are not the only nerd, I decided last month to start collecting Disney movies (yay)! I was spending my money renting Disney films through LoveFilm and figured I'd rather pay a bit more and have them all to hand for a time of Disney need. I've not heard of the 50 Disney classics? Although I've seen some of the DVDs have it written on them. I only have 10 so far! Starting with all the ones from my childhood, I just love anything hand drawn by Disney. Oh tangled and Pixar included ;D x
  3. Briggs682

    Briggs682 Member

    Glad I have someone to share my nerdyness with! :)

    The 50 Animated Classics is the Disney name for the 50 BEST feature-length, original, animated Films that the Wakt Disney Company has produced since 1937. The collection starts with Snow White (1937) and currently ends with Tangled (2011), but as newer films are released on DVD/Bluray, they'll be added to the collection too :)
    If you go to Google and search for 'Disney Animated Classics List' you should find a list of all of them :)
    I'm collecting the Pixar films - love them too!! :)
  4. Briggs682

    Briggs682 Member

    Went on to Amazon last night, to buy some Music books......ended up buying 4 Disney Classic DVDs instead! :p

    Plus side: I now have all the Princess films, and only 4 more films to get overall :)

    Down side: I now don't have enough money to buy the music books I wanted! :p

    I think I should be banned from Amazon sometimes...
  5. Carey

    Carey New Member

    Ebay is wonderful when it comes to buying Disney movies.
    A couple years ago I decided to buy Aladdin on ebay... that one purchase is what started my crazy ebay days. I started buying all my favourite Disney films on DVD (even if I already had them on VHS). I ended up finding some awesome deals on ebay!
    I currently have 33 Animated Disney/Pixar movies on DVD (includes sequels)!
  6. Kevus

    Kevus New Member

    I am doing this I have a few missing :(

    Make Mine Music I think is one... Also the recent Winnie the Pooh. I'm close but then one comes out every year...
  7. Sarahjaneiris

    Sarahjaneiris New Member

    I'm finding it really hard to find some of the lesser known classics. Apart from them, I'm missing Wreck it Ralph and Lady and the Tramp.

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