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    Hello you lovely lot! I'm Adam and I've just launched my brand new YouTube channel which features 6 new advice videos with more being developed currently! I've just been accepted onto my second CRP after going through the whole process again this year. From what I have heard, my advice has helped a few applicants which is all I ever wanted to do when I first started making YouTube videos back in 2012!

    You'll find the link to the channel below and I'd love to hear what you folks think! I'll pop back here when I can but you can always tweet me @adamhattan.


    I hope the videos help you and I wish you all the best of luck in making your dreams come true! My blog has also had an update which features more up to date detail about the whole process on the advice pages.

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  2. Hey Adam! Just wanted to say, first of all, congratulations on your second CRP! And secondly, I watched a lot of your videos while I was applying for my second CRP and I found them super helpful, so thanks for putting so much time and effort into them. :) I'm heading out in June, hope to see you in WDW! :)
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    Hey Adam, I came across your channel on youtube by total chance, but honestly your videos really helped me so much throughout the whole process, I had my face2face interview on September 15th and now waiting on results to come out, as for you mate, Congrats on your 2nd CRP, thank you so much for your efforts, and btw I found your last video, about your whole 12 months experience at Disney pretty inspiring and motivating, all the best mate!
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