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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Discussion' started by Marvan, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Cultural Representative Program. Working in Epcot. Was a really easy year but i chose not to do serving there. I've done serving before but im really worried about doing it on the Cruise Line as it's been a few years since i was a server.
  2. bing

    bing New Member

    ahh sounds cool though!
    so where are you from?? did you enjoy working at Epcot? xx
  3. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    I'm from Canterbury in Kent.

    There were a couple of things i didn't like about the program (mainly management) but it was truly incredible and miss it everyday im not there anymore. Really met the greatest people ever while there.

    As we all seem to be starting together folks, feel free to add me on Facebook and get to know each other so it's not too daunting not knowing anyone lol
  4. Sofiluks

    Sofiluks New Member

    yeah... welcome!!! today i got my letter for the embasy to get the visa... i need to call tomorrow to get an apptment... i just wish i knew what is what we are going to do!!! i would love to have traditions in disney u... ;D
  5. christina :)

    christina :) New Member

    hey there everyone im christina from ireland also leavin in dec for the dream :D so excited now, i have been on the disney wonder before on holiday and it was amazin these ships are massive, i worked in disney world for a year and it was brilliant lookin forward to meeting everyone :)
  6. Marvan

    Marvan Guest

  7. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    That guys know more about the Dream than even i know. lol

    Once i finish my job on the 30th i gonna spend that month i have free to get ready and total swat up on the likes of the DISBoards all about the cruiselines ect.
  8. LucyLock87

    LucyLock87 New Member

    Hi guys I'm Lucy!

    I'm joining the dream the same day as Marvan and flying to Amsterdam from Manchester!
    It's getting so real now! Exciting times!

    Can't wait to meet everybody!!!! :D
  9. Sofiluks

    Sofiluks New Member

    I got my visa and Marvan you were right it took me four hours waiting... now i just have to wait to get it deliverd.. I was so exited and had chills just reading at that forum you posted... i cant wait to be there... In my case the agancy is super informal so i havent received ANY :-\ news about anything... so this helped a lot... i can wait to meet you all i bet we are going to have a lot of fun...
  10. Marvan

    Marvan Guest

    no worries dude here to help. yeah you will get it in a few days, looks well mad on the passport.... so cold here now but gonna just be the same in the dam but well worth the wait for the sun braaaaaaaap braaaap xxx
  11. Sofiluks

    Sofiluks New Member

    I found this... :eek:

    Here's some info I have from friends who are Dream cast members:

    The ship will be arrive in Eemshaven on November 13, where it will be docked for about five weeks. Crew will arrive in Amsterdam and be transferred to Eemshaven during the last week of November and first week of December.

    December 17-19 - Family members who are traveling on the trans-Atlantic crossing arrive in Amsterdam and transfer to the ship in Eemshaven
    December 19 - Depart Eemshaven
    December 24 - Arrive Tenerife
    December 25 or 26 - Depart Tenerife

    The rest you already know:

    January 1 - Castaway Cay
    January 2 - Nassau
    January 3 - Castaway Cay
    January 4 - Port Canaveral
  12. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Do we know why its going to Tenerife?

    Also once in Port Canaveral, we have 3 weeks before the Maiden Voyage, does anyone think we'll be given a few days in Orlando while we do our Traditions ect?
  13. Sofiluks

    Sofiluks New Member

    I would love time off in orlando, have a lot of people to visit, And about traditions i dont think we can work without it so maybe we will have them in amsterdam... I cant imagine traditions not in disney university :'(... and after going to the park to see wishes... ;D...
  14. bing

    bing New Member

    hey guys!!
    still no news of flight details yet - is anyone else still waiting on their flights to amsterdam?
    i received an email - a 'know before you go' guide: limited edition for the Dream but it was no different to the one i got when i first was offered the job.
    any more news or updates from everyone??
    hope you're all ok xxxx
  15. Sofiluks

    Sofiluks New Member

    I haven't even got the package of intro... I'm hoping now that I sent my scanned visa will get some news... :-\
  16. patito77

    patito77 New Member

    Finally...I got The Dream too...

    A dream long 5 months (since my interview)... but a wonderful one ;D ;D

    I'll join you guys in Florida (must have been considered too cheap for an italian to start his contract in Holland :D :D) so we won't celebrate Xmas or the new year's eve together but we will have fun any way.-
  17. Marvan

    Marvan Guest

    congrats dude, welcome, will be good to see everyone, no info my end, think we wont get anything till mid november so just a few weeks left enjoy the cold weather while we have it..... not
  18. christina :)

    christina :) New Member

    hey, naw still no word from me either except that know before you go guide, cant believe its just five weeks away now :) gonna be such good fun !! this weather here is so depressin :( won b long anyway, handed me notice in at work today so its all finalised now time to start gettin excited !
  19. Disney Dude

    Disney Dude Guest

    Disney emailed me today to say my COE is in the post (they've not got my medical yet) so at least that means i can get the embassy booked and sorted sharpish. I assume after the visa, there' nothing else left to do? Would be nice to start getting info about leaving, going where, and a general POA
  20. Kellybee

    Kellybee New Member

    Hi Everyone
    My name is Kelly I'm from Manchester and will be joining the Disney Dream Dec/Jan haven't been told exact dates
    Nice to read everybody else's concerns before we go..I'll be working in the Nursery

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