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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by Sofi, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Sofi

    Sofi Guest

    Heyy guys i'm over here so i know more of what u get and it's not what everyone was saying, it must've changed so i thought i'd let u all know =]

    Discount is 20% off merchandise but not food.

    And as for tickets, i am SO glad i booked my tickets for the park for when i finish cos our passes are NOT usuable after our finish date. This is what ive been told in traditions so if u get told otherwise, i don't know why...lol so me like most of u, won't even use any passes whilst im over cos i have no family visiting whilst im here so i gotta pay for my tickets =/ lol

    So yeh its all sunny and fun out here but the language barrier is sooo big in my flat its making me really homesick cos i can't have a conversation with people and the internet doesn't work in my flat so i haveto come over to the clubhouse! Which sux cos i brought my laptop, also i haven't met many british people cos i lost my english phone after the airport meet up and every1 u see in traditions vanishes lol so tempted to come home but i need to stick it out! eeek i start work tomorow so hopefully things will get better =] x
  2. neevyweevy

    neevyweevy New Member

    Don't come home!! It will get better, the first week or two are about figuring out who your friends are going to be....some of my best friends were the people i met in work who were from all over the world! The first few days really don't give you a good idea of what the rest of your program will be like! It really is worth sticking it out...it's the time of your life ;D

    Where are you going to be working?
  3. Frou-Frou90

    Frou-Frou90 New Member

    Don't give up Sofi!! More of us will be over in under 2 weeks, so just hold on. Promise you it'll get better!! Chin up xxx
  4. catfish278

    catfish278 Member

    And also, you'll find you make more friends once you start working proper shifts and stuff! It's always a bit of a culture shock when you first get there :)

    So there is no discount on full-service food anymore? As in, the proper restaurants in the parks?
  5. Disney Jess

    Disney Jess New Member

    Don't come homee! you will make loads of friends!
    Just talk to anyone....everyone is in the same boat...you'll be fine though!
    I can't wait to return in 2 weeks,wooo.
    Where are your flatmates from and where are you living?xx
  6. captain_kylie

    captain_kylie New Member

    Sofi 100% stick it out! Jess will tell you how many times I wanted to come home but I stuck it out and enjoyed it so much that I'm coming back! And we were told last year that the passes wouldnt work after our finish date and then they did work for 2 weeks after so I guess it will be one of those wait and see things!

    I had a language barrier with my room mates last year and to be honest they werent very nice at all so I put in to move asap and although it cost $50 it was well worth it!

    Whereabouts are you living/working?

  7. lowrigokarts

    lowrigokarts New Member

    Aw Sofi i hope your ok out there. Like what other people have said stick it out.. less than 2 weeks before we lot arrive so if you fancy meeting up give me a buzz on this :)
  8. helium7suz

    helium7suz New Member

    There are discounts on most of the full service restaurants (20% + 18% gratuity auto-added to bill) and on the QS restaurants in AK and in the resorts. Also the hotel discount rates are 50% and 60% (if you are staying with your guests) for the summer.
  9. Sofi

    Sofi Guest

    My bfs looking into flights for me but there so expensive im really upset :( I had my 1st day today, i work in a converted mcdonalds basically. today i worked 3 hours on the fryers with steam and crap in my face. Eventually the tills broke down and i had to go out and serve, i hadn't been trained so i had to ask guests what they ordered cos i wasn't taught how to read the abbreviations on the reciepts. I had guests yelling at me and being so rude. Then i got put on washing up for 3 hours which actually took 4 so i was out 45 mins late. All in all that was 12 hours of endless fun cos u spend 3 hours back and forth on the buses to work.

    So yeh i can't do this. Its sooo not what i came here for. All the magic moments u have giving kids teddys and chatting to guests you 100% don't get from washing up.

    =[ sux
  10. LauraDilling

    LauraDilling New Member

    This sounds terrible, I'm so sorry Sofi :( I think we're all prepared for days that you don't like your work so much, but yours came way too soon - your first day! Maybe the positive is that it can only be better as soon as you're taught what to do and how everything works!
    Keep your head up, you will be having fun soon!
  11. katiej22

    katiej22 New Member

    Where are you working Sof?
    QS can be fun - once you get used to the work and make some friends you'll have a ball in no time! I know the kitchen people where I was had fun when they all pulled together - eventually you'll get used to the reciepts - I couldn't read them near the end because they changed them and I needed my glasses... which meant I couldn't see the guests!
    We'll be over in less than 2 weeks and have fun together :)
  12. Disney Jess

    Disney Jess New Member

    every new job will be hard at the start...but it'llg et better. just ask for help..everyone is willing to help and stuff.so I hope its got better now for you.

    It makes me sad to think you're not enjoying yourself....its the time of your life.... speak to people on forums and meet up with them? Just stick it out is my advice..and speak to people if you're finding the job hard...after a week or so of workingg it'll all be second nature and you'll love it.

    Just think of the positives...they deff weigh out the negatives :)
    you're/we're lucky to be there/going...so just make the most of it, opportunities like this don't come very often.

    I hope you are settling in more.
    Like Kylie said, perhaps ask to move apartment if you think that will help?
    Just knock on doors around you :) everyone is in the same positition and wanting to make friends.

    Good Luck!!!!
    We'll all be over in 2 weeks too,so things will get better...and more people will probably be working with you etc..so i really say just stick it out if you can xxxx
  13. seraphim_cry

    seraphim_cry New Member

    I'd also like to chip in! Don't worry about it and try to stick it out! Like everyone is saying we're all gonna be out there on the 20th and I'd love to meet up so we can all have a great time! Not long now!
  14. marmalade262

    marmalade262 New Member

    Just wondering, do we get into the water parks (as in typhoon lagoon and blizzard beach) for free as well or do we have to pay for those? And if we have to pay admission, do we get a discount?

  15. cowza

    cowza New Member

    You usually have to pay to get in the water parks but certain times of the year they let cast members in for free. Typically low season... Novemberish until beginning of February.
  16. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    you have to pay for the, but its cheaper than what the general public pay
  17. marmalade262

    marmalade262 New Member

    Cheers :)
  18. Ka_disney

    Ka_disney New Member

    I am just wondering my family and my bf will come over to visit me a month after my program ended and i really want to give them free disney tickets! can I book/get them before they come and use it once they are here? does it have an expiry date or something from the day you book them? xx
  19. Lesley86

    Lesley86 New Member

    when you work at disney you dont actually get physical tickets to hand out to family and friends (aside from special holiday passes etc) you are able to take people into the 4 main theme parks for free using your company ID card, you have to go with them to the turnstiles, check them in etc
    you have to hand in your ID card on your last day at work so you cant get them in for free after this point

    You may recieve complimentary disney passes during your time there (they are basically 1 person park hoppers) and can be used at ANY disney theme park! i got i think 4 of those during my year on the CRP..... not sure how many they give out now, we got them at xmas.
  20. Ka_disney

    Ka_disney New Member

    ow okay thanks for that really helpful :)

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