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Discussion in 'Accepted/Current ICP Participants' started by Sofi, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. VikkiLillyBee

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    You do have the opportunity to buy (slightly) discounted park tickets at Company D. I think you can book them for dates after you finish, like you would for a normal holiday. The discounts aren't huge though.
  2. Ka_disney

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    ow tht sounds good. can u buy cruises ticket as well?
  3. VikkiLillyBee

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    You can get cruise tickets through the hub, but the level of discount varies (I think) depending on whether you're still a cast member or not. So the best time to go on a cruise is in the middle of your program, get a back-to-back (4 days off in a row) and take a 3night one.
  4. cowza

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    You have to have been a cast member for 3 months before you are eligible to book a cruise. All is done through the hub. The regular discount is the same regardless where you work... but it is 'space available' you want to look out for. These are heavily discounted but are only usually published on the hub around 4-6 weeks before sail date. They can disappear fast also so you have to be quick ;-) Especially the 3/4 day cruises
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    Hey, just wondering abouot getting family and friends into the park. i know you can get 3 other people in and you use your ID card at the gate with them. I think you're technically supposed to stay with them because you're responsible for them. But say you have to go to work, can the people you got in leave the park then come back in without you or do they need you to use your ID again? Is there a hand stamp or something they get on the way out to get them back in?
  6. VikkiLillyBee

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    Disney?! Hand stamps?! Don't be so cheap!!!

    Lol, I'm being silly.
    However, the ticket that your friends/family will get is a park hopper ticket, so they can changed between parks throughout the day. Although it is advised that you stay with all guests while they're in the park, the official rules (and yes - I just looked this up) say that Family members do not need to be accompanied, but Guests (ie, friends) do.
  7. disneymouse11

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    vikki where did you find this information? my sister and her boyfriend and daughter want to go down for the first time and i would like to get them into the parks and hotels for cheaper it would be a good present for them
  8. VikkiLillyBee

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    All the cast discount info you will ever need is on the hub.
  9. helium7suz

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    So here's how the free park entry thing worked last year for ICPs...

    During Traditions you get your cast ID which gets YOU into the parks for free. Every time you enter you use your ID to get in.
    About 2 weeks after you arrive you receive your maingate pass. This allows you to get 3 people into the parks for free for up to 6 days.
    To let them into the parks you need to go to the turnstiles with them, your maingate and your Disney ID. As you go through the turnstiles they are given a one-day park hopper ticket that they can use throughout the day. There are blackout days. This summer it was July 4th at all parks and the 2nd and 3rd July at MK.
    If you are related to your guests then they are allowed to be unaccompanied otherwise you are supposed to be with them. This is because upon entry you take full responsibility for your guests. If they break the rules/do anything illegal/inappropriate/etc then you will get terminated whether you are with them or not. I know people that this has happened to.

    As far as discounted tickets go you can buy them from Company D at anytime throughout your program. They are valid essentially forever unless you start using them (it's basically the standard thing for all disney tickets so you can look expiry rules up on their website) and you don't need to be a cast member too use them. i.e. you can buy a 7 day park hopper while you're there and use it the following year when you're not a CM.

    Hotel discounts vary. Last summer it was roughly around the 50% mark and the discount is 10% more if you are staying in the hotel with your guests.

    I know someone that booked a discounted cruise and I don't believe there was any restriction in terms of how long you needed to work for TDO.
  10. marmalade262

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    That's really helpful, thanks :)
  11. DisneyPirate

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    I am on the 2011 ICP and my family wants to come to visit me while I am there. I understand that they can get into the parks free if I am with them for 6 visits, but do they get hotels at a discounted rate? If yes, can they book hotels in advance at a discounted rate or do they have to wait until I am there to book it fot them, or is there any way I can book it in advance. Thanks. Just a bit unclear as to what exactly is discounted for family members and what is not?
  12. Alex88

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    You have to be there and book it for them.

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