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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tiggercharlotte, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Oh I just love Robin Hood... it's such a classic film and the bit where the mice give Friar Tuck their coin and he gets taken away makes me cry :'(
  2. VickiG

    VickiG New Member

    **Although you can't see it, you know they are smiling
    Each time someone shows that he cares**

  3. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    Mary Poppins- Feed The Birds

    We'll do things and
    We'll go places
    All around the world
    We'll go marching
  4. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    The Mickey Mouse Club March!

    Here's one:

    "Hopes are high for a happy tomorrow,
    Hand in hand in harmony"
  5. PeXoXaLoVePooH

    PeXoXaLoVePooH Active Member

    is that celebrate the future? the 2000 song?
  6. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

  7. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    Disney's Imaginations Parade- All around the world
  8. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    Ok.. BUMP.

    This is kinda easy.. but whatever

    Elton John wrote the songs to The Lion King,
    but who wrote the score?
  9. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    Hans Zimmer :)

    Which song is this from: to find fortune that is smilin' on you
  10. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    A dream is a wish your heart makes!!

    Try this:"wanna see them dancin"
  11. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    Part of Your World :D

    That's my most favourite song ever!

    I once swore that I would go on Stars In Their Eyes and sing it LOL

    Apparently I've been told I sound like Ariel (or rather, Jodi Benson) but I don't think so!

    Heres one!

    "All a glow, each country's come to show, it's history, achievements, aspirations,
    There is no place like world showcase on the face of the whole wide world"
  12. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    That's from "No Place Like World Showcase" from the World Showcase Parade.

    Ok, a bit tougher than my last.
    There is a song disney has used a couple of times in shorts.
    One of them is a silly symphony, the short "Santa's Workshop"
    The song is used during the toys' march into santa's bag, right before he flies away.

    What is the song called, and who wrote it?
  13. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    Hell knows... god that is so tricky!! It's so hard I barely understand it HAHA.
  14. is it marche militaire?
  15. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    Very good.. and written by Schubert.
  16. "A cold and friendless tide has found you
    Don't let the stormy darkness pull you down
    I'll paint a ray of hope around you
    Circling in the air
    Lighted by a prayer"

    Dunno if its easy or hard but I like the song and the film it comes from :)
  17. BeautifulBelle

    BeautifulBelle New Member

    Ahh I love that song. Candle on the water, pete's dragon! I had to do a dance recital to that a few years ago for a show!! Brings back memories of me almost falling off the stage HAHA.

    This will be hard for most people! Someone has to get it though ;)

    I'm getting wet
    And I don't care at all
  18. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Drip drip drop little april showers I'm getting wet and I don't care at all...

    Little April shower from Bambi... Urgh! lol not too hot on that film :-\

    "How high does the sycamore grow if you cut it down then you'll never know"

    A fine lesson there. ;D :D
  19. Celephaïs

    Celephaïs New Member

    from pocahontas.. hm.. the song is..

    colors of the wind ,,, I believe

    What is Mickey's first true theme song??
  20. mickey mouse march?

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