Disney Song Trivia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tiggercharlotte, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. marshabrady

    marshabrady New Member

    'A Star is Born' from hercules?

    Don't ask why i'm on here so late...v drunk, just come from a house party! Let me think of one..um..

    Here's one from a famuos guy who can't do a London accent for shite!!

    "I choose me bristles with pride"

    Beth :-*
  2. BC_Belle

    BC_Belle New Member

    Chim-Chim cheree from Mary Poppins.

    Check out the special edition DVD coming out (for us here in Canada on Tuesday)
    For all of you in the UK go check out the stage show opening in the West End Dec. 15! wish i could see it :)
  3. flavour

    flavour New Member

    mary poppins?? i love that movie! why can't i be in canada or london? not fair! :'(
  4. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

  5. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    That was cool. I really wish I had been able to get tickets to see it in Bristol, but they were all sold out by the time everyone was back to uni :'(. Its been there for a few months before opening in the West End.
    Definitely going to go and see it at some point though!
    Charlotte x
  6. flavour

    flavour New Member

    the page won't show up! :(
  7. tiggercharlotte

    tiggercharlotte New Member

    No, it won't! :-\ I say it on tv, which is why I saiid it was cool.
    Charlotte x
  8. stu_uk

    stu_uk New Member

    i downloaded it onto my computer. i can send it thru msn is anyone wants to see it :D ;D

  9. BC_Belle

    BC_Belle New Member

    well here are a few new lyrics to guess:

    here they come hippity hoppity
  10. EvilQueen

    EvilQueen New Member

    Pink Elephants on Parade from Dumbo.

    I'll be back with a new lyric as soon as I find one.
  11. T-belle

    T-belle New Member

    OK, i got one........................might be hard.....or not.........

    "Perfect isn't easy but it's me"
  12. BC_Belle

    BC_Belle New Member

    Perfect isn't Easy from Oliver and Company?
  13. T-belle

    T-belle New Member

    Yeah, That's Right!!!
    Used to love that song as a little girl!
  14. BC_Belle

    BC_Belle New Member

    okay here we go...

    each little bird has a someone
  15. T-belle

    T-belle New Member

    "I Wonder" from Sleeping Beauty!

    Here's a new one.....................from my all time fav Disney movie!!!!!

    "if I could live in my fantasy"
  16. cinderelli.jessy

    cinderelli.jessy New Member

    easy, its from my fav movie:

    "The work song" from Cinderella ;D
  17. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    sorry if im interuptng someone else asking a question! i like this topic no ones been on since jan. :)

    [color=Navy]Now a square with a horn,
    can make you wish you weren't born,
    ever'time he plays;
    and with a square in the act,
    he can set music back
    to the caveman days.
    I've heard some corny birds who tried to sing,

    ;D ;D ;D
  18. BC_Belle

    BC_Belle New Member

    Ev'rybody wants to be a cat, from the Aristocats

    Here's a new one:
    Round and round and round we go, and dance for evermore
  19. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    ;D alice in wonderland, Caucus Race
  20. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    Here is my favorite:

    "Walkin' around on those
    (Whad'ya call 'em?) oh - feet"

    I love to sing that part hehehehe

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