Disney Song Trivia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tiggercharlotte, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    Ok this is my favorite song and my favorite part really love to sing it

    "Walkin' around on those
    (Whad'ya call 'em?) oh - feet"

    And its from................
  2. CrEsT

    CrEsT New Member

    The mermaid
  3. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    You know that because you are my bf!!! You were supposed to let someone else answer :(

    Ok here's another and you cannot search in Google ok???

    " There's a time for everyone , If they only learn......."

    That's a difficult one !
  4. robynchic

    robynchic New Member

    "Circle of Life" from the Lion King

    By the way, that's from the Elton John version, not the one from the movie.
  5. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    Can you feel the love tonight ! from Elton John
  6. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    elton john one.that is the one from the movie..maybe not in the movie.but sure its on credits.....
  7. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    It seems like only yesterday
    You were just a child at play
    Now you're all grown up inside of me

    *clue- :-* *-wll its sort of a clue......

    x ;D
  8. BC_Belle

    BC_Belle New Member

    "Love" from Robin Hood

    New one:

    "While the crickets click their cricky melodies"
  9. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    The Ugly Bug Bull ..... the ants flew and something else hehehe
  10. BC_Belle

    BC_Belle New Member

    Great job Olga, i didn't know if we're restricted to only animated films or any Disney music, glad you knew it :)
  11. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    Easy but one of my favorites

    Unbelievable sights
    Indescribable feeling
    Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling
    Through an endless diamond sky
  12. topsassyuk

    topsassyuk New Member

    Aladdin, love that song too.

    Jess x
  13. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    That was fast Jess
  14. topsassyuk

    topsassyuk New Member

    Right place right time I guess!!!

    How about:

    Some day when spring is here
    We'll find our love anew
    And the birds will sing
    And wedding bells will ring
    Some day when my dreams come true

    Jess x
  15. BC_Belle

    BC_Belle New Member

    "Someday my Prince will Come" from Snow White

    "this scene won't play"
  16. alemanolga

    alemanolga New Member

    Give us more lines
  17. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member


    The Cheetah Girls

    i wont say song.
  18. BC_Belle

    BC_Belle New Member

    Yeah, you're right it's the song "I won't say (i'm in love)" from Hercules, but it's sung by Susan Egan, at least in the movie.
    You're up Tink
  19. Tinkerbell

    Tinkerbell New Member

    One minute I'm in Central Park
    Then I'm down on Delancey Street
    From the Bow'ry to St Marks
    There's a syncopated beat
  20. loops_li

    loops_li New Member

    I think this is the song 'Why Should I worry?' from Oliver and Company?



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