Disneyland Paris Auditions - July 2010

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mpark90, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    anyone going to one??
    Im going to the one in Leeeeds :)
  2. DisneyGibbs

    DisneyGibbs Active Member

    All you need to do is shrink 3 inches in that time!
  3. disneydisney

    disneydisney New Member

    i went last time but they only wanted professional dancers so i have been having lessons and going again.

    Are you a dancer?
  4. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    Nope, haha, not at all, but when i spoke to them, they said they were looking for non-dancers and dancers this time
    so hopefully all will be gravy :) x
  5. Disney_Geek

    Disney_Geek Member

    Got the email but not attending as I just found out about the cruise :D
  6. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    congras on the cruise I wanna apply but think I just get turned down I'm a useless dancer and can speak basic french from school but hate doing it cos I feel stupid even though I survived out there for six weeks working on a campsite for canvas holidays
  7. BriarRose

    BriarRose New Member

    I auditioned in Leeds last year, they told me they wanted non dancers too but when I got there it was obvious they were only looking for professionals. So I did it the other way, learned French and got the job that way.. but not character work though obviously.. :)
  8. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    ah well hopefully they wont be just looking for professional dancers this year

    if not its a day trip to leeds anyways, not too far :)
  9. leeds disney fan

    leeds disney fan New Member

    have Leeds be warned about your trip across the hills, i've herd all about your antics Michelle
  10. mpark90

    mpark90 Member

    Oooh eck
    do i want to know what you have heard? :p x

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