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  1. 626Stitch

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    I have a new book called 'Disneystrology', which gives each day of the year a different Disney character. And whichever day your birthday falls on, the character is your 'birthday character' who you share personality traits with. They work it out by 'looking at the wisdom of astrology, numerology and tarot.'

    Now, I like being nosey at which character people are, and I am killing time whilst I am still stuck on this bloomin' waitlist! So if you want to know your character, post your birthday and I will tell you who you are, and what traits are associated with the character. :)

    I'll start off with mine. May 20th, Russell from UP:

    "You love learning and sharing your expertise. You seek the company of others and are cheerful. When you want something, you go after it persistently and optimistically. Because you focus on your goal and not the details of the situation, you end up on some unbelievable excursions. You’re an invaluable friend, and your services improve the lives of many."

  2. CazzieAnwyn

    CazzieAnwyn New Member

    I want to know =D But I'll cry if I dont actually have one xD

    Feb 2nd
  3. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    Feb 2nd
    You are... The Captain from WALL.E

    "You are a steward of the earth. Dedicated to serving those entrusted to your care, everyone benefits from your executive abilities. Usually, you're laid back and refrain from questioning the intentions of your advisors. But when you see an error being made, you spring into action and can accomplish heroic feats. You are resourceful and love teaching others the skills required to become self sufficient. "
  4. xSarahLizx

    xSarahLizx New Member

    Oh wow.. I really want this book now! May have to put it on the birthday list!
    And what a wonderful idea :) My birthday is May 13th- I hope I have someone good! xxxxx
  5. CanadianCole

    CanadianCole New Member

    Oooo! I want to know mine too!
    I'm November 3rd. :)
  6. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    May 13th
    You are... Rosie the spider from A Bugs Life

    "You can handle the ups and downs of life; as a result; you are never down for long. Your positive attitude and compassion for those in pain are some of your greatest attributes. Successful and daring, you attempt feasts that amaze others. You're creative and possess a candid sense of humour. 'The show must go on' is your motto"
  7. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    November 3rd
    You are... Violet Parr from the Incredibles

    "Amazing things happen when you focus your mind on your goal. Too smart and capable to stand on the sidelines and do nothing when someone you care about needs help, you are a brave and fierce defender. Everything you do, you do with intensity; you can run out of energy right in the middle of things. You don't readily admit it, but you are proud of you individuality."
  8. CanadianCole

    CanadianCole New Member

    Yes! That's awesome! I love Violet!
  9. jslussier

    jslussier New Member

    What about june 21st...
  10. missginius

    missginius Member

    Hi there,
    This is so cool! Id Love to know who I am. My birthday is the 18th of may. It's so nice of you to post this! Thank you so much!
  11. kate003

    kate003 New Member

    May 4th?? :D
  12. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    June 21st
    You are... Tinker Bell!

    "You have your own special brand of magic. People admire your spirit and your playful and sometimes naughty nature. You thrive when you are the center of attention; but when you are not, your pouting makes your displeasure known. Because you form strong emotional bonds, you are protective and do your best to guard those you care about"
  13. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    May 18th
    You are... George and Mary Darling from Peter Pan

    "You strive to balance you responsible and romantic tendencies. You have a definite image of what it means to be mature, but it's hard for your to live up to it. Because you identify with the innocence of youth, you try to protect yourself and others from disillusionment. But it's your compassion (not you resolve) that is your strength and ultimately brings you closer to others."
  14. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    May 4th
    You are... Alice, from Alice in Wonderland

    "You are kind, well mannered, and outspoken. You hate to be bored, and your curiosity and eagerness to understand people and your surroundings have given you many remarkable experiences. Intelligent and observant, you notice when things aren't quite right. Sometimes you're a little gullible when it comes to other peoples suggestions, but you're a quick learner and can maneuver your way out of disagreeable situations."
  15. meganlauren

    meganlauren New Member

    That book sounds amazing :D But, my birthday is May 20th too, strange!
    I'll ask for October 8th for my bf :)
  16. meelie

    meelie New Member

    Ooooh this is cool. My birthday is May 14th...seems like most people who have replied are in May, how funny! x
  17. BananaPinguin

    BananaPinguin New Member

    What about October 12th ? =D
  18. TreacleMagic

    TreacleMagic New Member

    Cool! Can I have a go?

    September 5th

  19. ferti

    ferti New Member

    1st of july? Thanks :)
  20. 626Stitch

    626Stitch New Member

    What's even stranger is that my name is Megan too :)
    We share the same birthday and name. What a weird coinkydink!

    As for your bf...
    October 8th
    You are... Ariel!

    "You risk everything to pursue your dreams. You long for something far different from what your everyday life has to offer. In your rush to materialize your desires, you ignore the hazards on your path that others cautioned you about. Still, the intensity of your emotions knows no defeat, and you move heaven and earth to be with the one you love"

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