Experience Or college?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CazzieAnwyn, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. CazzieAnwyn

    CazzieAnwyn New Member

    So I was wondering what people were doing before they applied/worked for Disney?

    I'm at college at the moment doing travel and tourism but I want to transfer to a hospitality course instead, I'm also applying for jobs at various hotels, restaurants, attractions around my area and I was thinking if I got a job before i got transfered I would withdraw from college and just go to work and gain experience and take the various opportunities they offer.

    So which did you do? college or gain experience?
  2. doddi92

    doddi92 New Member

    I started Travel and Tourism in September but found it boring so quit college. I've got 2 AS's (I didn't like Sixth Form either!) and I only have 2 months experience of Waitressing and housekeeping, and 2 months experience in Retail and I've been accepted! It's a tough one really, I'd say do what you want for your future, don't put everything on hold for Disney as it could back fire!
  3. DiegoZapien

    DiegoZapien New Member

    If it works... I took Tourism in college, and have my Bachelor's Degree now... currently working in a Travel Agency and have a management position at work... but still took the oportunity and the Directors are very supportive, they think that my experience there would help the Travel Agency in the future and will help us to get to know Disney as a product more than we already do.

    So, I'd say take the opportunity, if we speak from a professional point of view, if your CV has Disney in it... it would mean a lot for future jobs; and from a personal point of view, the experience of living abroad and meeting people from another country will change your life and open your mind to other cultures.

    I hope I helped a little... or even made sense, hehehehe XD.
  4. CazzieAnwyn

    CazzieAnwyn New Member

    Oo sorry for delayed replies been so busy >.<

    Doddi92 = Wow only 4 months experience and you got accepted? Woah congratulations! hope you have a great time!

    Diegozapien = I was going to go for a degree in cruise management when I finished this course, but really insightful to hear it from a professional point of view many thanks =]

    Both comments very helpful, gives me lots to think about for future things thank you both =D

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