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  1. Tink**

    Tink** New Member

    My mom is coming down to visit for about a week at the beginning of july.... I have heard we get free family and friends park passes?? Is this true?? or are they just at a discounted rate???

    Im really hoping they are free, ive heard rumours that they are....
    just looking to save my mom some money so she can stay in one of the really awesome hotels!!
  2. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    You do get free passes, but when you get them depends on what program you're on. Are you on the year long CP or the summer one? If you're on the year long one you have a probation period of 3 months, so you'll get the passes after that. I don't know how it is if you're on the summer one though...
  3. i am assuming that the 3 month probation doesn't account for those on the ICP as some of us are only there for 9 weeks. It just wouldn't be fair at all.
  4. VickiG

    VickiG New Member

    I'm on the 6 month graduate program and they gave us our family passes on our second day - so there was no probation period for us.

    Each pass can let up to three people in on 6 different days. You can't split them in any way, each entrance is 1-3 people for one day and is a park hopper.

    If you're immidiate family are using the pass, you don't have to be with them, just go to the gate with them and show your ID.
    If just your friends are using them, you have to be with them at all times.

    The park hopper only counts when you are with them, regardless of who it is.

  5. Mauro

    Mauro New Member

    mh... i think that is not completly far as i am aware you only have to give admission to your guests into the park. After that they can roam freely around the 4 theme parks. When my family came, i had to work some of those days so i would meet with them in the morning, make sure they got into any park and then they headed wherever they wanted to.
  6. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    Yeah that's what I think too, because when you let the guests in you get tickets for each guest... I've also let people into the park and left for work myself...
  7. So as long as we get them into the park the first time that day then it is fine for them to go through at any time during that day. How do the people at the main entrance know that they are allowed in?
  8. SteffieDavis

    SteffieDavis New Member

    can the people we let in get fast passes?
  9. CanadianJen

    CanadianJen New Member

    is there a 3 month probation period for ICP ~ Canadian Pav?
    because I have 2 family members/friends who want to come in August,
    and I start in June.
    Let me know whenever...Thanks..
    p.s. I leave in ony 6 weeks now... kind of ;D
  10. CanadianJen

    CanadianJen New Member am so excited I messed up my position...oops!
    is there 3 month probation for them?
    thanks, sorry I am a putz
  11. Mauro

    Mauro New Member

    there is a 3 month probation period for anyone on the crp¡¡
  12. Mom-eh

    Mom-eh Member

    It is true - you ARE supposed to be with your guests at all times - once you get them through the gate in one of the parks you don't technically have to be with them in order for them to move about from park to park because they each get their own hopper pass for the day but you are supposed to be with them - you are responsible for anyone at the park that you get in on your main gate pass. Most people trust that their families wouldn't do anything while visiting the parks to get them into trouble.

    Yes, your guests can get fastpasses - when you go through the gates they will receive a hopper pass for the day just like any other hopper pass - they will each get one and you can use them the same way you would normally use them for fast passes.
  13. Tink**

    Tink** New Member

    soo.... okay lemme see if i got this straight....
    we get a pass that is park hopper (so my mom could visit MK, AK, EPCOT and MGM) all on one pass, but we have to be with them when they are let in and its only a day long pass?
    My mom is coming for a week... so how many of my passes would I be using if she wanted to be in the park for 3 days??
  14. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    Then you would use 3 passes.
  15. Tink**

    Tink** New Member

    How many passes are we given?

    Also, Im on the ICP summer... so Im only there for 2 and a half months... theres no probation period for that short amount of time im assuming
  16. leomgray

    leomgray New Member

    Yes, what about those on the ICP, do they get free passes or is it just discounted tickets.
  17. ~Disney_Princess~

    ~Disney_Princess~ New Member

    Yeah I also just want to clear up how many passes we get on the CRP. Cuz IF I get the job I want to get my mum and brother to come down and they'll want to go to the park for at least 3 days probably more like 6 tho... :D
  18. TinkTingeling

    TinkTingeling New Member

    On the CRP you get to let in 3 people 12 times per calendar year. It takes about 3 months before you get access to them though.
  19. TraceyBrown

    TraceyBrown New Member

    It's really unfortunate when you have to use a pass on only one person.
    Can we like work something out with a friend?
    Say if someone had two people coming to visit and they were coming to the parks and I only had one would I be able to just let them in using my pass so we didn't need to use up two?

    Also, are people good with the passes?
    Like say if someone wasn't having anyone come visit them at all are they fairly nice to give someone else an extra pass?
  20. Mauro

    Mauro New Member

    Ok maybe this will clear things up.


    You get a Main Gate Pass for each calendar year (Most of us will get 2 main gate passes). The main gate pass is a card, similiar to a credit card.(Meaning they dont give out just tickets¡)

    Before they give you your main gate pass you must finish your probation period(Example: I arrive on Sept 9 and will have to wait aprox till Dec 9 aprox to get my pass)

    Main Gate Passes expires with the calendar year. (So in the example below that means i will have to use all of my passes before January, i only have less than a month to do so¡)

    Each main gate pass has 12 days. (There are some blackout dates such as xmas, new years eve, 4th July, easter and spring break)

    On each day, a cast member can bring up to 3 persons into the park(4 if you count yourself), after they scan your main gate pass each friend will receive a one day park hopper ticket. (If you bring only one friend or two it will still count as a full day, that means i only have 11 days left)

    The cast member must be with his friends/family to get them into the park. (they scan the cast member ID and Main Gate pass at the parks main gate)

    You are responsible for your guest. So getting strangers into the park as a favor to other cast members is a big risk.

    Selling these tickets is cause for termination.


    You get a Main Gate Pass as soon as you begin your program. (No probation period¡¡¡)

    Each Main Gate Pass has six days.And you can bring up to 3 friends with you per day.

    Everything else is the same as the CRP.

    I dont know how many days you get. but it works the same as de Summer ICP one.

    Hope this helps¡¡¡

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