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Discussion in 'Applicants Discussion' started by tink84, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. tink84

    tink84 New Member

    Hi everyone just thought I would make a new thread for all us guys who have got on the opportunity list.
    how is everyone feeling? and what were your choices?
    thought it would be nice to get to know eachother incase our dreams come true and we get the call ;D
    fingers crossed xxx
  2. AnnaBell

    AnnaBell New Member

    I'm one of the many on this list lol.

    Re-reading the e-mail it said about opportunities between October and next February, and that the Disney recruiters are now recruiting for these times, does that mean some could get a call in the next week or two???

    That would be a nice surprise.

    I have my fingers crossed for everyone on the list, keep the faith and we will all soon be living the dream

  3. tink84

    tink84 New Member

    hello my name is lucie btw ;D
    yeah I keep re reading too lol and Im confused as I have noticed the guys that have been offered positions on here all have start dates august and sept? so Im thinking along the same lines as you maybe they are going to do it monthly or something like that? well heres hoping anyway xxx
    also I put merch as first choice what about you/ xxx
  4. AnnaBell

    AnnaBell New Member

    I put F&B as my first choice, I probably should have put merch first as I have more experience there but oh well, whats done is done now!!!

    I had a read through the waitlist topic a bit further down on the message board and as far as i could see everyone who got on the list is either out there now or on countdown to go, so thats encouraging.
  5. Nate_Himself

    Nate_Himself New Member

    im on the wait/opportunity list and im looking at it as we are going we just dont have a start date yet ;)
  6. debz

    debz New Member

    hi im waitlisted too / opportunity listed. bit disapointed but i suppose ther is still a chance of getting out. i reali want to go so badly. my heart just dropped when i saw i hadnt got it
  7. KatLou26

    KatLou26 New Member

    yes, there appears to be a lot of opportunity people, I'm one of them!

    I don't like to speculate however, it seems like they've only given out dates until september? And as they only sent emails very late last night (as in at the end of the working day), perhaps they haven't quite finished paper work stuff so sent opportunity emails to everyone who they are going to give a place to who could go out between oct and feb?

    Might not be true, but it's worth hoping x x
  8. AnnaBell

    AnnaBell New Member

    Same Deb, stay positive and hopefully that magical e-mail/phone call will come
  9. debz

    debz New Member

    kat lou i like ur way of thinking!!!
  10. KatLou26

    KatLou26 New Member

    well I'm the only optimist in my family, so I look on the bright side of things!

    to quote forrest gump, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get" (unless you read the leaflet)

    x x
  11. debz

    debz New Member

    i think im going to b going crazy as everyday il b scouring my emails for a yummy jobs email.
  12. SophiAmelia

    SophiAmelia New Member

    haha, yea, and I'm one of those people who likes to examine the leaflet carefully so I know just what to expect, so this waiting is pretty hard! I put merch as my first choice, and have also been put on the opp list. does anyone know if they usually offer people on the opp list their position of choice?? I would absolutely love to do merch, f&b not so much, but if thats all there was id probably take it.

    yea it does sound like theyre sorting out some of the later start dates, and I was quite flexible with how long after sept I was available, so I dont know if that made a difference. looking at older threads, some people did get contacted within a couple of weeks, so we mustnt lose heart!!! :)
  13. tink84

    tink84 New Member

    oh we all seem to be on the same level which is good I checked that out too and seen that pretty much everyone is on their way or there ;D
    how exciting makes me feel alot more positive and not so down hearted xxx
  14. tink84

    tink84 New Member

    exactly the same thoughts as me they all have sept, things may be looking up for us ;D xxx
  15. Webby

    Webby Guest

    Hey, Im in the same boat, and yeah thats the impression i got from the email. Fingers Crossed!
  16. kazmanatee

    kazmanatee New Member

    Good plan!!

    I was waitlisted aswell, and I also think I should have picked merch as I am more qualified for it, but I just figured, new country, new people, new life, why not try a new job?!?!

    Hoping we are all off it soon --- the odds have gotta be in our favour, right?!?!

    Does anyone know if we'd hear via a phone call or e-mail? :)
  17. vindalloo_lou

    vindalloo_lou New Member

    Yip, waitlisted......................................... Still, better than rejection eh?

    Still might get a chance to live the dream!!!
  18. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    What did all you guys put as you:

    Last date available to start the programme?

    Because i put the 20th of September which meant i needed an early date if you guys put a later one they might be saving you for the later dates as you are available so i'm sure you will all get called out a little later!!!

    Thats just a theory anywho good luck guys i have everything crossed for you!! :)
  19. tink84

    tink84 New Member

    hi lucy
    yeah I put my availability as anytime so we were thinkin along the same lines as what you said that they are sorting early dates first, I hope are speculations are right ;D
    you must be on cloud nine right now xxx
  20. 03goodl

    03goodl New Member

    Just a little bit!!! It sucks though as so far i have only found 1 person with the same start date as me and i want to talk to people lol!! SO i'm tagging onto your thread ;D!!!


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