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Discussion in 'Walt Disney World College Program' started by Chrissie, May 6, 2006.

  1. KC

    KC New Member

    If one were to get ODF anywhere at WDW, I'd definately go for MGM. They have the best ODF costume in my opinion ;):D

  2. Tom19

    Tom19 New Member

    You guys are soooo lucky to already be there...
  3. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    Question guys......

    When you flew into ORLANDO.......WHAT were you wearing?? ???

    Not to be a weird person or anything but there is a post about what to wear over there and I think they are NOT worried about WHAT we wear there but what we wear WHEN WE START THINGS?? IS this true?
  4. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    My costume's not bad, still looks.... different shall we say... but it's ok, I like having the option of wearing red, blue or yellow aprons... definitely am going with the RED!

    I wore a t-shirt and shorts, or was it jeans??? I don't remember, but my advice is that you wear clothing suitable for hot, hot weather. Even if it is cloudy and rainy, it'll still be freakin' hot! It doesn't really matter what you're wearing on the plane and such, but it definitely does when you start traditions and such.
  5. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member


    I know people were REALLY worried about WHAT to wear on the plane!! From reading you just fly and arrive and that is about IT for the very first day!!

    The first OFFICAL days leaves us dressy but NOT flying in!!

    YOU ROCK!!

    Never mind about your costume.......only a SHORT TIME and then it's over.........BE IN THE MOMENT MAN!!
  6. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    No problemo!

    The first couple of days are more or less relaxed. The first 2 full days that you are here, there will be paperwork, but you can dress casually for them. The 3rd full day here, is traditions and you will need the "Disney Look" clothes for that and any other training you will have at the Disney University. After that, you either wear pretty much your uniform for when you're working, and normal clothes for when you're not!

    Ya, my costume's not bad at all compared to most, I hear a lot of people who have to wear their pants really high. My only complaint is that my shorts are short. Plus I have suspenders, but they're kinda cool...
  7. EastCoastGirl

    EastCoastGirl New Member

    just a suggestion,
    bring some food with you. because your first day here you will need it. not everyone goes to walmart that day, and bring professional attire with closed toe shoes. they will deffinetly come in handy. and hey i got odf in epcot. its not that bad at all. some lady yesturday asked me if she could buy my custome off of me ! haha Good luck guys :)
  8. Tigger:-D

    Tigger:-D New Member

    In the Disney book from the pack it mentions about renters insurance and that you have the responsibility to obtain the insurance for your personal belongings to be covered. Has anyone got this insurance? I was just wondering if there is any chance to get it in the first week. Im a bit confuzzled. ???

  9. spa_life_girl

    spa_life_girl New Member

    HEY MATT.......

    INSURANCE question for you......WHO did you finally get for your insurance and HOW MUCH did you pay and for WHAT length of time??

    I was told by Eric to definately get 4 months but I have spoken to former cast memebers that tell me that 3 months is ALL YOUR REALLY going to need?? ??? ???
    So many different answers......What did YOU do?? ;D
  10. adjonline

    adjonline New Member

    Spa_life_girl, just as a note Matt is ICP and the insurance situation is different...Disney provides no insurance at any point for ICPs, so we have to cover the whole period.

  11. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    Thanks adjonline for answering the question. As an ICP, we're only there really for just over 3 months so we provide insurance for ourselves. I ended up going with Alberta Blue Cross and it cost about $160 for 104 days. What I've heard is that you need to cover the first 3 months of insurance and then Disney's insurance will kick in, but don't quote me on that. And this is medical insurance only. You must have proof of medical insurance when you arrive. Renters insurance is a different story, it is not mandatory, you basically get it if you think you'll need it. I think most people don't have it.
  12. hockey_town_canada

    hockey_town_canada New Member

    im liking the updates matt thanks dude....sure sounds like the time of your life.... and with the disney id being able to get anywhere in the parks :eek: :eek: :eek: thats awesome........

  13. Momsy

    Momsy New Member

    As to medical insurance for the Epcot year long program from Canada. I understand that the Disney's insurance covers you the first of the month following the completion of your 90 days. i.e. June 20-Oct 18 = 90 days; therefore Disney insurance takes effect on Nov 1. As well be cautious because in Canada some travel medical insurance only covers you above what your provincial program covers. So make sure you will still be covered by your Provincial Program for this first period.
    I Would like to know if anyone has found a good insurance company to deal with, I am contemplating BCAA, which is the British Columbia's AAA.
  14. madge62

    madge62 New Member

    Hey Momsy, glad to meet you. I'm brynna87's mom and I understand our girls are planning on hanging out whilst down in the World, specifically a Hedley concert.

    I got Brynna's insurance through RBC but only because we're also going to be doing a cruise and WDW in December and away for 3 weeks so it made sense to purchase an annual policy for her.

    Are you planning on visiting Jei this summer? We'll be there in early August for 8 nights, always hoping we can get a decent room rate.
  15. Momsy

    Momsy New Member

    Hi Mom
    I do believe the girls are trying to get together before Snow leaves for WDW. Yes I am booked to go down for snow's birthday in July and again the whole family is going for Christmas. Good heads up on the year policy because it would be hard if not impossible to find out if their Disney insurance has any travel provisions. So I too will be getting the year policy. I have just confirmed with BC Medical that they will actually be covered with the BC Medical for the year as well but of course only for the BC rate of costs so we will need insurance for anything above this. I am pricing it out with BCAA at this time.

    Lets try to have coffee, when your in town.
    Irene (snow white's mom)
  16. madge62

    madge62 New Member

    Hey Irene.

    Yes, Brynna told me that the girls were trying to get together on Friday when we're in town. Unfortunately, I'm at a cruising conference (my 2nd job is as a cruise/travel consultant) at Canada Place from Friday early morning until Sunday, early evening so prob won't get a chance to meet up with you. I will keep Brynna apprised of my schedule though.

  17. c-nyce

    c-nyce New Member

    Hi Matt,

    How are you liking you stay so far? How do you like working in the role that you were given? I am also going to be in QSF & BEV... How busy is it?

    I look forward in hearing from you or anyone that is already there....

    BTW, do you remember what day 2 was like?
  18. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    I absolutely love it here!!! Everyday is a new adventure, with dips and turns, but it is awesome!

    Outdoor foods at Disney MGM turned out to be better than I expected. I think its the best that QS f&b can offer, in my opinion. Although you don't get to work with anyone during your shift, you still get to know your coworkers and in someways you have more independance since you're on your own. The good thing is that it is usually not too busy depending where you're working, some places though, almost have a constant flow of people but at least you get to jump around to different places. If you are working at at QS restaurant, it is usually always busy so you never get much of a break in the lines there. Plus MGM has air conditioned popcorn carts and I think may be the only park that does so.

    Day 2...... let's see. I believe day 2 was Social Security day for us. We got up and met at 8:00, took a bus to the social security office, spent like 2 hours there for everyone to get their applications done. After that, they took us to the premium outlet for lunch, then we went to the Commons for some paperwork, signed up for a Vista account and got our traditions info. I think that was about it... I think you're done by like 2 or 3 in the afternoon and can do whatever you wish for the rest of the day. Hope this helps!
  19. c-nyce

    c-nyce New Member

    Please define tradition...

    Thanks, for responding...

    Exactly, what do you mean by tradition info?
  20. Matt1133

    Matt1133 New Member

    The traditions info is just a sheet of paper telling you when you will be taking the "Traditions" class. It also tells you which park you will be working in and what role you will be in as well, I think.

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